well thank you Planting Beans, for the lovely One Lovely Blogger Award :)

i am going to do my best to give a good response for all this but I just finished a rather exciting session with my head in the toilet so i’ll be honest in saying it won’t be my best work. LOL

Planting Beans is a young girl that seem wise beyond her years.  it would seem that life has made it this way for her but she takes it all in stride and makes some pretty great baked treats while she’s at it.  watching her struggle through her first year of TTC takes me back to 3 years ago when i was in the same spot.  worried, confused, anxious but still hopeful that a baby is in her future.  i wish her great success on her pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy happy baby.   don’t give up, no matter how long it takes, no matter what infertility takes out of you.  keep healthy, keep hopeful and keep trying girl!

The other criteria for accepting a One Lovely Blog Award are:

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  3. List seven (7) facts about yourself.
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Seven Not-So-Random Facts About Me

1. i hate changing the milk bag.  i don’t why this is!?  it’s so stupid and i know it is but i just hate it.  the kicker is i hate being lazy so i can’t even bring myself to be an ass and leave it for my husband to deal with.  i’m compelled to do it even though i hate it!

2. i make wreaths.  felt and yarn wreaths and paper wreaths and i have an etsy shop – Gosh Yarn It! Wreaths

3. i have been told i am a mini martha stewart.  i am definitely nowhere near the caliber or insanity level of miss martha but i do love being a homemaker.


4. i love manual labour.  i was a pretty lazy kid but as an adult, especially as a home owning adult, i am a mad women when it comes to hard work.  can’t get enough of it!

5.  i love brussel sprouts but my husband hates them so i never eat them.

6. i love PBS Sunday Morning.  i actually get sad when i miss it.  if i can catch it i watch the whole hour and half program.  i love that the content is totally cool and current but story titles and images are so totally old school.  i love the host’s voice. but most of all i love the way they will end the show with a 30 second clip of something random.  my favourite one ever was when they ended the program with a beaver eating for 30 seconds.  all you could hear was the “smack, smack” of it’s tiny little mouth gnawing away.  amazing.

7.  i had to put my cat down 2 and half years ago and i still miss him so much.  he was a jerk and he pooped at the front door (or anywhere other than his little box) for  several years but i loved that little jerk so much.  my husband is allergic to cats and just generally not a lover of them so i am never allowed to get another cat and i’ll always be a bit bitter at him about that.


i’m adding an 8th!  i love facebook.  everyone seems to have some sort of issue with it but i don’t care, i love it.  i have so many AWESOME photos and memories and jokes and laughs on my FB page and i wish i could print it all make it a book!  if you want to be my friend on FB go for it.  Shammy MacMillan.

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I don’t know what to call these posts….

How far along?    8 weeks, 3 days.

Total weight gain/loss?   No gain, no loss.

Gender?   I’m on to thinking girl now but we will not be finding out.

Maternity clothes?   Not even close.

Stretch marks?   Nope.

Sleep?    Have been sleeping pretty well but because of my cold coming on it was harder to wake up for work this week.

Best moment this week –   didn’t really have a best moment.  maybe when i had a bad cold and it took away my MS symptoms for a day LOL

Miss anything?   Not feeling sick all the time and exercising.

Movement?  Nope.

Food cravings?   Bagel and cream cheese, OJ, fruity drinks.  i made my hubby get me a pizza sub from subway… he laughed at me because we’ve been together 8 years and he’s never seen me order a pizza sub.  it was glorious!

Anything making you queasy or sick?   Still having a love hate (most hate) relationship with food.

Symptoms?   MS.

Labor Signs?  Nope.

Belly Button in or out?   This question won’t mean much for a while.

Wedding rings on or off?   On.

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Happy but worried some days.  Just want to see my little bean again and see that everything is still okay.  Getting really bummed out about the whole MS stuff.

Looking forward to?   A friend’s birthday party next weekend and my first prenatal appointment on September 22nd.

morning sickness cure

thank goodness for the weekend. I’ve been sick as a dog.  i only had to suffer through Friday at work and this weekend I’ve been wrapped up in bed drinking tea,  watching documentaries on Netflix and making towers out of Kleenex.

the bad part is i had to miss out on my youngest niece’s 1st birthday party yesterday :(

the good part,  i have had a morning sickness break.  ya,  a cold does wonders for taking away your ms symptoms! LOL

(any time but) morning sickness

all newly pregnant infertiles write the standard “i’m not complaining” post about morning sickness at some point.

F that.  it’s total balls!

i don’t care how long i’ve been trying to have a baby, i haven’t been trying to have “morning” sickness and i’m totally over it already.

i am usually pretty good in the morning.  brushing teeth sends me into the “gag zone” a bit but i can handle it if i don’t brush my tongue.

then once noon rolls around, FML.

constantly hungry, but i don’t want to eat.  i eat to feel better, that lasts a little bit, then i’m fighting the nausea.

the thing that sucks the most is that it ramps itself up all the way until bedtime and i try and fall asleep just so i don’t feel like shit anymore…

may be time to get some medication for this craziness.

it’s never too early

to start keeping track.  I want to keep surveys of my pregnancy as I have seen so many others do week by week.  it’s more just for my interest and to have a keepsake but i’ll share it as well.

How far along?    7 weeks, 2 days.

Total weight gain/loss?   No gain, no loss.

Gender?   We think boy but we will not be finding out!

Maternity clothes?   Not even close.

Stretch marks?   Nope.

Sleep?    Have been sleeping very well.  Going to bed around 930 and easily getting up at 545 for work.

Best moment this week –   Seeing the baby in an ultrasound and seeing the heart beating away!!! Measuring right on track and with a heart rate of about 142.

Miss anything?   Being able to do normal activities without fear of bleeding.

Movement?  Nope.

Food cravings?   Sundried Tomato Asiago bagels with cream cheese from Tim Horton’s, Corn Pops, fruity drinks and smoothies – orange juice, iced tea, mango smoothie.

Anything making you queasy or sick?   Yes, food smells and the idea of eating/cooking certain foods.

Symptoms?   Food smell aversions, upset tummy, headaches, thirsty, constantly hungry and feeling the need to eat but no desire to actual eat anything.

Labor Signs?  Nope.

Belly Button in or out?   This question won’t mean much for a while.

Wedding rings on or off?   On.

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Happy for the most part, relaxed in some ways, totally anxious and worried in others.

Looking forward to?   My next ultrasound and entering the second trimester.  First I need to find an OB!

still seeing red

was back in the ER this afternoon.  

my bleeding had stopped all day yesterday and most of today until around 2 p.m.  this time when i went to the washroom it was actually dripping…. :S

i had to drive home 40 minutes from the appointment i had just finished.  i was still dripping a bit when i checked at home and only had 20 minutes to lie down before i had to go back to the daycare.

i thought everything had stopped but it started up again after being at work for about a half hour.

i got a call from my clinic about my ultrasound report and got to tell the nurse everything that was happening.  she told me if i started to bleed again to go to emerge.

another half an hour later and i was really bleeding again.  i had to call my boss, who i wasn’t planning on telling any time soon, and let her know what was going on.  luckily the number of kids we had were okay for ratios so she told me to leave.

at the ER they drew blood and then i waited, and waited and waited.  my husband got there and it was a bit nicer having someone to wait with.

the dr. came in, told me my levels were still rising in the 38,000 range this time.  so, almost in keeping with my 70 hours doubling time.  i had calculated it while i was waiting i figured it should have been around the 40,000 range.

so now we just wait and hope for the best.  since we JUST had an ultrasound and everything was okay they said i don’t need another one.  if i keep bleeding for longer than a few days they said i could come back for blood levels.

if i get anything really bad in terms of gushing blood, clots the size of a quarter or larger or very painful cramps i am to go back.

oh ya, and the nurse at my clinic said i’m done at their clinic now!?!  everyone else seems to “graduate” around the end of the first trimester.  i’m 7 weeks, got a good ultrasound and wham bam, i’m outta there!

so tomorrow i’ll be looking up OBs here in town and hoping they will take me without a referral.

the journey continues.


dreams do come true

one little baby.

142 beats per minute.

6 weeks, 6 days exactly.

could have been twins… we would have loved you just the same xox

we are beyond thrilled and blessed to  have our one.


making sense

sorry about all the posts ladies!!!!

because we all know that writing things out can help us make better sense of a situation and in general makes us feel better, i checked out my numbers on an HCG calculator a little better (phone died while i was waiting in the hospital) now that i’m at home.

my HCG was 2675 on August 23rd.

today, September 2, HCG was 28,407.

at first i was really disappointed. while i was waiting for the dr. i checked my numbers in my calculator and just did basic doubling for every 48 hours.  i got 40,800.  so as you can guess when i saw the actual number was much lower i was so disappointed.

then i punched it in the online calculators and remembered that as the weeks go on the rise of HCG drops in it’s doubling time.  to start i was rising consistently at 34 hours.

now my new calculation is 

2 Day change = 60.4 % increase.

10 Day change = 961.9 % increase.

Doubling time =2.9 days or 70.41 hours

it says that between 6-7 weeks numbers can take as long as 3.5 days to double so i’m just keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best for tomorrows U/S.

all is good for now

my hcg came back at 28,407. looks like I’ve gone from a doubling time of 34 hours to 70 hours.  all seems normal from the hcg calculators I’ve used.  I’m just going too trust them. 

i have to get the rhogam shot.

ultrasound is still set for tomorrow.