i follow Megan`s blog about her daily struggles with mental health and OCD but i most enjoy learning about all the awesome beauty products she comes across and shares.

i was super excited (and completely jealous) when she reviewed the entire line of eye shadows from a Canadian beauty product company based in my BIL`s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario called Chirp Cosmetics Company.

the loose shadow powders that Megan reviewed were rich and silky and the colour choice was emmense!  i couldn’t wait to get online and find out more about this company.  i found Chirp Cosmetics had a website (obviously), a FB page and an Instagram account @chirpcosmetics.

i reached out to the Owner and Creator of Chirp’s products and let her know that Meagan’s review had reached and impressed me.  I mentioned that I was totally jealous and would have loved to have been the one to review her shadows hahaha. she told me she had a new line of matte lipsticks in the works that she would be releasing this summer.  she kept me in mind and the other day i received three cute little pots of matte lipsticks to try out and review  :)

this is my first time reviewing a product and i hope i do these amazing little lipsticks justice.

first i’ll share with you a little bit of information about Chirp Cosmetics

“handmade in small batches with high quality ingredients, chirp cosmetics company offers a beautiful alternative to conventional makeup

based out of sault ste. marie, ontario, chirp cosmetics company began with a vision to offer unique makeup colours based on both popular and timeless looks. there is so much unique inspiration everywhere! an added bonus to the beauty of the products is that they all have a natural and/or mineral base.

chirp cosmetics company is the fruit of a true partnership. we are a married couple who live in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, and we run everything to do with chirp! she’s been arty all her life, loves playing with colour, and just so happens to have a knack for science. she makes, wears, sells, and talks to people about chirp’s makeup. he is a gamer, programmer, graphic designer and sign manufacturer, and he does the design, promotional signage, and packaging.

the name chirp has an unexpected and short story behind it. when our cat is in an affectionate mood, she communicates with us in chirps. and we love her to bits! so it was a natural fit for our company’s name”.

i love supporting handmade, small businesses and when a company’s products are cruelty free and paraben free, they adhere to health Canada’s cosmetic notification program, and source ingredients and supplies from north american suppliers i love supporting them even more!


my three cute little matte lipsticks arrived in a very clean, nice white paper bag.  it was stamped with the Chirp logo and sealed with the cutest little birdie sticker (also part of the logo).

DSC_0671 (Medium)

DSC_0672 (Medium)

DSC_0675 (Medium)


the lipsticks came in 3 ml plastic clam shell pots ($4.00 each) with a very generous portion of matte lipstick in each. (along with a business card).

DSC_0677 (Medium)

DSC_0681 (Medium)

DSC_0683 (Medium)

shocker-01-01_compact vamp-01_compact (1) fruit_punch-01_compact

SHOCKER                                  VAMP                                FRUIT PUNCH




all of these colours are super vibrant.  i initially feel in love with the colour VAMP when i saw it released on Chirp’s FB page. it was the epitome of sexy.  when my samples arrived it was SHOCKER that i fell in love with.  it is summer so i am drawn to pink tones at this time of year.  i am finding that shocker and fruit punch are going with all of my outfits.  i am waiting for a night out in a nice white or black top with jeans and heels to bust out the VAMP ;)  these lipsticks go on very smoothly with a lipstick brush and a little goes a long way.  because the lipstick is matte it is very easy to forget you are wearing anything on your lips at all.  i have kissed my little babe’s head on several occasions and remembered i am wearing lipstick only after i see the stain left behind.  the pigment is strong so if you do get it on your skin, on any other place other than your lips, it does leave a bit of a stain.  this, however, is easily remedied with soap and water.  it is long lasting if you are not eating or drinking or wiping your mouth.  if you are doing those things you definitely have to reapply to keep the colour strong.



all in all i am VERY impressed with these matte lipsticks.  they are reasonably priced and will last a very long time even if used daily.

i am going to place an order for some of Chirp Cosmetic’s other beauty products, starting with some eye shadows!

if you would like to try out something from Chrip Cosmetics as well, use code – REVIEW15 – for 15% off the total purchase of $10 or more :)

our potato

i’m behind quite a bit now with posts and updates.

i can easily see now how it can happen.

maeve is up a lot more in the day and is currently in “cat nap” mode so not too much gets done around here haha.  her favourite thing currently is to always be held.  gone are the days of laying peacefully on the play mat or holding her in cradle position.  she wants to see it all and she wants to see it NOW!  she found her legs a few weeks ago and always wants to be “standing”.  when being held it’s sitting up, facing outwards or else!  she is “talking” up a storm and loves to smile at us.  she is generally a happy baby (if she’s getting what she wants and doesn’t have gas).  life is getting pretty fun with her now that she is interacting and communicating with us.  one of my favourite times of the day is my bath time.  she still loves the water.  she no longer needs the sling in her tub and now happily reclines in the basin and kicks and splashes away.  she’s smiling and babbling the whole time.  i like taking the tub out to the deck under the umbrella and she can splash away and make all the wet mess she’d like.

this phase is posing a challenge for me as she literally is only happy sitting up in my arms.  well, that’s a little dramatic. i do get some time where she’s happy to lay down on her play mat or in her crib but it’s not as long as it used to be.  only a few minutes here and there before she starts yelling to be picked up.  ya, she can yell now. my arms are getting stronger!  my back is getting more sore ;)  i tried putting her in the baby einstein exersaucer but she’s still so small.  i have to wedge blankets all around her and even though she’s “standing” she’s not too happy about it.  she’s almost 3 months and almost 13 pounds so she’s just in the awkward in between stage.  we’ll get through it.  i’m sure in a few weeks when we’re on to the next phase i’ll be missing this one!

i am still having way too much fun photographing her.  my husband has actually gotten on board with it too and thinks up ideas of how to “style” her.  it’s our thing hahaha.  we are currently taking part in a community photo scavenger hunt.  we have to take photos around our community and submit them for points. this is part of our town’s goal to improve our public living spaces. of course maeve will be a part of this adventure. we already have a bunch of plans for her photo shoots hahaha.

i am feeling okay.  i have feeling very happy. no signs of baby blues or postpartum depression.  i am very happy about this as my past put me at high risk for this.  i am still at 140 lbs.  this is no surprise as i have not tried to work out or lose my baby weight in the slightest.  i talked about it previously, wanting to get the post surgery go ahead from my OB so i could get back to working out.  ya, that’s not happening haha.  yes, i am a little self conscious about my added weight but now the problem is that i am literally too sore to work out.  i feel as though i have arthritis.  my knees are KILLING me.  i can barely bend down and if i get on the floor i have to get on all fours before i can get up.  it’s insane!  my feet, ankles and shins are so sore ALL THE TIME. i have read a few threads about women having this same postpartum issue.  they all said their doctor’s tested them for rheumatoid arthritis and all the tests for it can back negative.  they said their doc’s told them “it’s just a postpartum thing” and it would be cleared up in up to 18 months.  18 MONTHS ?!  you’ve got to be effing kidding me. i do think i need to see a chiropodist.  i have had sore feet for years.  even before i was pregnant.  i spent 3 years at work on concrete floors in steal toed boots and my feet have always been sore, like since i was a little kid.

this could be a whole post on it’s own but i’ll just briefly touch on it here.  PUPPP.  my worst nightmare.  i had it for several weeks at the end my pregnancy.  it started to go away at 3 weeks postpartum.  it came back, in a nightmareishly worse form at about 7 weeks and now at 11 weeks it seems to be almost gone.  the shingles-like red, raised rash part is gone.  i got through that hell with tea tree oil based gels (active naturals and after bite gel).  i also took a homeopathic antihistamine. i am still very scaly and bumpy in places and am smoothing that out with galaxal base cream.  i am a little concerned as i have been very, very itchy the past few days….no sign of a fresh rash starting up again though so that’s good.  the skin where the rash was it not back to normal.  it’s very smooth and shiny.  almost like a burn that is healing.  it’s hard to describe.  also, when i scratch it now it burns afterwards for quite awhile.

well the little potato is waking up now i’ll just leave you with some recent photos :)


up at nana’s house


oma’s birthday

DSC_0278 DSC_0691 DSC_0693

play mat and tummy time – awesome garage sale find $7!! (normally $65)

2015-06-24 21.10.01 2015-06-24 21.17.31

camping at Pinery – Grand Bend, ON

2015-06-26 21.53.23

baby stimulation.  maeve loves looking at her shapes!

DSC_0437 (Medium) DSC_0442 (Medium) DSC_0478 (Medium) DSC_0503 (Medium) DSC_0514 (Medium) DSC_0524 (Medium) DSC_0539 (Medium) DSC_0582 (Medium) DSC_0584 (Medium) DSC_0620 (Medium)

more camping at Pinery.  first family camping trip – great success! xoxox

the devil exists

and it’s name is PUPPP!

the following was taken directly from

“The term pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) refers to a benign dermatosis that usually arises late in the third trimester of a first pregnancy.[1] The entity previously had been reported as toxemic rash of pregnancy,[2] toxemic erythema of pregnancy, and late-onset prurigo of pregnancy. The term polymorphic eruption of pregnancy is used extensively in Europe, while PUPPP typically is used in the United States

The cause and pathogenesis of pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) are not known. A meta-analysis revealed that 11.7% of patients with PUPPP had multiple gestation pregnancies.[5] Within that group, a higher PUPPP risk for triplet (14%) over twin (2.9%) pregnancies was found,[6] suggesting a relationship between skin distention and the development of PUPPP. Most studies have revealed increased maternal weight gain in patients with PUPPP when compared with normal pregnancies, further supporting the role of increased skin distention.[7]

A study from Israel also found maternal hypertension and induction of labor to be significantly associated with the condition.[8] One large series[9] of cases revealed a male-to-female infant ratio of 2:1.

Investigators identified fetal deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the skin of mothers with PUPPP, suggesting that chimerism may be relevant to the pathogenesis of this disorder.[10] Finally, a case-control study from France confirmed previously documented associations with multiple gestations, cesarean deliveries, and male fetuses, although no relationship to maternal or fetal weight gain was noted.”

The prognoses for the affected woman and her newborn are excellent in pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP). PUPPP typically resolves within 4-6 weeks, independent of delivery,[7] and the condition does not tend to recur in subsequent pregnancies. Only 7% of multiparous PUPPP patients described a similar rash with prior pregnancies.

i am DYING!

the crazy itchy rash, that my OB referred to as “a joy of being pregnant” is back.  if you followed my weekly pregnancy posts you’ll know that i started to get this rash at about the 9 month mark (i think haha). it was little, pimple like bumps that were insanely itchy and once scratched would “pop” and turn into a scab.  this was my hell on earth.  i would have a few showers everyday so i could scratch my skin off with my hard bristled shower brush. then i would coat myself in aveeno sensitive oatmeal itch relief cream and some .05% cortisone cream. that only offered relief for a few hours, hence the several showers a day.  it was so bad at one point i went to L&D.  they just told me once the baby is born it will go away.  i counted the days like crazy just for it to go away.

once maeve was born, it did start to go away.  i would just get the odd itchy bump here and there and the scabs were starting to heal up, although some of them were healing into scars.  relief, FINALLY!

then it started to come back a little heavier.  then i found myself itching quite a bit.  then BAM! full blown, worse than ever crazy bumpy, scabby rash is back.

how can this be?!  why me?! me of all people, has suffered quite enough to have a baby.  DON”T NEED TO SUFFER ANYMORE.

after posting this personal hell on FB i was contacted by an old high school friend.  she had her baby last spring and had the same thing happen.  her rash lasted for 10 weeks and she thought she was going to die it was so bad.  she told me that she was referred to a dermatologist.  there is steroid treatment but when you’re breast feeding that is not an option.  she was got a cream from costco, of all places, that she said gave her relief while the rash ran it’s course.  did i mention that there is no known cause or cure for this bullshit? she said to only have luke warm showers, slather yourself in the cream and let air dry. i have done three “treatments” so far and so far it’s just like last time.  a couple of hours of relief, that’s all i get.  so you can get a good idea of how bad this rash is, my friend told me the dermatologist told her it’s most closely related to having shingles.  SHINGLES people!!!

i had this rash for lets say about 4-5 weeks in pregnancy.  then it went away by week 3 postpartum. it’s been back since 7 weeks postpartum, i’m currently at about 9.5 weeks postpartum.  so does that mean i should be WAY done with this shit by now or am i just getting started on my second round?

pray for me! hahaha

2015-06-27 10.07.35 2015-06-27 10.08.14 2015-06-27 12.57.57 2015-06-27 12.59.23

my stomach in the little pimp stage.  my breasts were like that two days ago and are now at the big, red blotchy rash like on my legs.  i guess i can look forward to that on my tummy soon.  yay!

2 months

our maeve is just over 9 weeks old now.

she is the best part of our lives for sure.

i could stare at her, talk to her, smile at her, kiss on her all day and all night.

the love is strong in this one hahaha

DSC_0284 - 2 months copy


i am in so much trouble!  i have fallen in love with making bows and i can’t stop!  i even made a bow to specifically match maeve’s outfit the other day hahaha

these bows are handmade out of felt, faux leather and glitter sheets.  they are so fun to make and little babies, kids an even adults (ya, i’ve worn them too lol) look so adorable.

i don’t have them listed in the etsy shop yet but i’m selling the tiny bows for $3 or two for $5, the medium classic and rounded regular bows (no accents like buttons or ribbon) for $5 each, the classic and rounded bows with accents are $6 and the HUGE bows are $7.

if you don’t see many posts it because i’m busy cutting! ;)


June – National Safety Month

it’s the first day of summer?! (but i’m not even done my spring cleaning yet!).

having a baby may make you relax on the house chores but it will sure send your protective, safety concerns into overdrive.

i am much more concerned with what we eat and what is in the products i purchase nowadays, especially the ones that i use for maeve.

i have also turned a lot of my concern to how safe our house is.  it turns out that june is national safety month so this is the perfect time get out the check list and cover all my bases.

the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance makes it their mission to help raise awareness surrounding all sorts of safety issue but also they make sure that we are aware of lesser known dangers we might overlook like asbestos which can lead to a devastating cancer called mesothelioma.  You can get more information on this here.  we live in a home that is over 100 years old so this was a HUGE concern for us when we were purchasing and thinking about living here and raising our children.  luckily the house is asbestos and lead-based paint free but a lot of structures built before 1980 are still at risk for having these dangerous materials present.

i have checked the smoke alarms and changed the batteries and tested the carbon monoxide detector.  we just bought a camping trailer with a stove so i am purchasing a fire extinguisher to have at the ready.  thinking of that, i checked the one we keep in our kitchen and it is still good for a couple of more years.

there so many things we can check and do to make our lives a little safer but here is a short check list of other things you can check off your “spring cleaning” list to help keep you and your family safe :)

– checking the dryer lint trap hits home big time for me as a good friend’s family lost their home and beloved family dog to a terrible fire that started in the lint trap!!

Summer Safety in the Home

49 days…. ah forget it!

it’s not 49 days postpartum, it’s 54 and i’m tired of trying to do these posts on time hahaha

we’re also getting up there and now i’m making people do some real math to figure out what week we’re at and i am personally against math in real life ;)


2015-06-11 16.00.21

my sweetie pie is almost 8 weeks old and she is so fun.  smiling at us now, cooing, gooing, gaga-ing haha and just a pretty happy baby.

she is close to 11 lbs (according to our home scale).  i’ve been packing up more and more NB outfits :(

i’ve been video recording like MAD to capture all her “small” Things.  they are starting to change and evolve already, i just can’t keep up.

this week we were busy!  bathroom renos continue, i had some mommy dates at the early years centres, a pancake breakfast at the local firehall, a lobsterfest up north, our first night in the boler – she was an azaming little camper.  we received a beautiful custom gift for maeve from my parent’s friend.  he gives personalized step stools to all the new little babies and maeve was very lucky to have gotten one.

2015-06-15 14.28.16 2015-06-13 19.22.40 2015-06-13 15.35.07 2015-06-13 09.42.01 2015-06-13 09.40.37 2015-06-13 09.38.41 2015-06-13 15.36.01 DSC_0230ADJ (Medium) DSC_0215ADJ (Medium) ADJ0218 (Medium)

suns out, guns out :)

2015-06-16 08.15.40

my growing girl xox

as an update for moi – still at the same weight. starting to feel pretty “frumpy” now. getting out and actually starting to exercise will hopefully help me to feel better. i have developed that crazy skin rash again!?!  it was terrible while i was pregnant and then almost went away after babe was born.  i would just get the odd itch bump.  not it’s back, not as itchy, but ALL over my thighs and then a little bit over the rest of my body.  the worst part is my face. it is sooooo dry and i have eczema like bumps all over my chin and around my mouth and at the corners of my eyes. i just can’t figure it out!!! i took our water in for testing yesterday so we’ll see what we find out there.  i really hope it’s just a hard water thing but not likely.  my crazy body is turning on me!