Transfer Day :O

today is the day.

of course it’s one of the only later appointments we’ve had through all this and we’re still up before 6 a.m.  sigh.  at least it’s saturday on the Canada day long weekend.  we should make it down to the city in record time!

we don’t want to be negative but we’re still so nervous that we’ve come this far and there is a chance that something may not properly align today…

i guess all we can do is get in the car and get in there and face whatever may come 🙂

clear mind. positive energy. and a whole lot of wishing!!!!


the call from the embryologist revealed one embryo has made it to day 4, is compacted and barring something wild happening overnight, is ready for transfer tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.!


one made it to the stage we needed in order to do a fresh transfer.  the only one we needed.

finally it feels like something was meant to be.

7 others are well on their way but are still at the day 3 stage and not advanced enough for transfer.  they should be just on track for freezing on day 6 (which is really their day 5).  

we feel so blessed. what a miracle all of this is.  if this were even 20 years ago who knows if we would have a shot at being parents to our own biological children.

there is obviously still so far to go but we are excited for tomorrow and beyond hopeful that all of this will result in a healthy, sustained pregnancy.





i am having a very hard day today.

tomorrow is the day we find out if this is all a go…

scared of the the unknowns that may change that decision.

trying not to think.

impossible not to think.

Could This Be Our Miracle?

the embryologist called right on time at 11 a.m. and shared some jaw dropping news.

of our 9 eggs fertilized, 8 of them have cleaved and cell division is taking place.

a few of those 8 have already divided to the 8 cell stage and are back on track for day 5 blastocyst fresh transfer!!!!

i don’t usually speak in terms of miracles, (as we are not religious people), but to heck with it!  this is a miracle and we are so beyond grateful!

we take all of this day by day and who knows what tomorrow will bring but today is a happy day and we will celebrate every moment of happy!

11 a.m

11 a.m.  has become the most important time of the day for us as the embryologist calls each day at this time.

yesterdays call was such an immense relief all i could do was cry.  thank goodness my husband stayed home to get the call with me.  

so of the 13 eggs retrieved they were able to do late “rescue” icsi on 11 of them.  of those 11, 9 fertilized and appeared, as of yesterday, to be doing what they wanted them to be doing.  

the discussion now is obviously watching those little ones progress and divide but we also need to now make decisions about transfers and freezing.  the thought now is that because the embryos are 24 hours behind, my lining is still on track and is 24 hours ahead.  the concern is that the lining will then be too old to support the embryos implantation.  success has been seen when embryos are frozen and thawed at a later cycle where the lining can be prepped perfectly for implantation.  

we are waiting to see how many successful embryos we end up with.  if get all 9 do try a transfer now?  our plan was always to freeze the remaining embryos to try for more children in the future.

is it 11 a.m yet!?!?!?


So this morning was a good morning in terms of hyperstimulation symptoms.  I had a feeling I would progress well and this mornings numbers proved that.  

137 pounds – down from 139

30 inches  – down from 32 – around the abdomen.  

Still sore of course in the abdomen area and deep breaths are a bit of work but feeling much, much better.