i make wreaths

i make wreaths

i started making wreaths when i couldn’t get pregnant.
i have made A LOT of wreaths hahaha

friends and family thought they were pretty great so i decided to start an etsy shop – Gosh Yarn It! Yarn & Paper Wreaths – https://www.etsy.com/shop/GoshYarnItWreaths?ref=pr_shop_more

so far i’ve sold about a dozen wreaths and over half of those were sold to total strangers, (so not just my friends and family), so i feel pretty proud about that! lol

i have been thinking about making some wreaths now that i’m off work for a bit…

today i got a sale in the shop!

time to get crafty 🙂


3 thoughts on “i make wreaths

  1. thanks ladies. sadietrue, they usually take a couple of hours. depends on how motivated i am hahaha. i can get one wrapped in yarn in about a half hour. the flowers are pretty quick. it’s the placement and styling that takes me the longest. i’m so picky! cindy, i have seen ribbon wreaths too. they can so beautiful. haven’t gotten into that. they ribbon can be so expensive! i don’t know if there is much profit possible in those. i would love to see some of your wreaths!

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