i guess i’ll take that for an answer

i’m cheating.

i started a job that requires me to get up at the butt crack of dawn. it’s so early that the image on the back of my alarm clock is still night!


after my lovely stint at the hospital on sunday night/monday morning my lack of sleep is finally catching up with me.  i’m tired but i still want to post so i’m cheating today.  cut and paste, you my best friend.

this is from the mass text sent to a few girlfriends that have been following my painful, confusing recovery:

“sooooo nothing got “fixed” today but i got real reassurance about the pain situation i’m in. i don’t know if i told you but i the cyst they removed was a dermoid cyst (can have skin, hair, teeth etc.. in other words they’re REALLY FUCKING GROSS!) anyway i had one in my left ovary that made the ovary 3-4 times bigger than my uterus… ummmm WTF? so that kind of cyst is filled with really nasty stuff and it can’t be helped but to rupture it when they are removing it. that shit in turns goes into your cavity. they wash you out after the surgery and try and suck up all the liquid but obviously they can’t get all of it out. so because i don’t have a blood clot in my lung and my diaphragm wasn’t touched during surgery (not damaged) she thinks my insides are just severely irritated and need a few more weeks to calm down. (the gas they use turns acidic when it’s trapped in your body too so that a contributing factor as well). i am supposed to take aleve for inflammation and wait it out. bonus of all this is i bypassed an additional appointment set for april and got all of our new IVF stuff today. so once aunt flo makes it to town it’s go time!”

so there it is. i was going to say “in a nutshell” but clearly it’s in a very long ass text message.


chris and i both have to re-do our bloodwork.  no prob. we also have to re-do all of our consent forms. that one is a little bit annoying but we’ll find someone on the street to be our witness again (hehe, our friend used the top of a newspaper sales box to sign all our papers in the middle of a busy downtown Toronto street last time).  very official. 

my cycle was only 27 days long after the surgery ao i am not sure what this cycle will do.  it could be short and i could be calling in my day one on april 9th.  it could be normal and i could be calling it in on april 17. or it could be totally unpredictable and who the hell knows when i’ll be calling.

my biggest concern is calling in for mornings off at work.  starting a new job in child care is not really ideal for this whole thing. i have to be at work for 6:30 a.m. and then am done at 9 a.m.  the drive to my doctor’s office can be over 2 hours depending on the time so morning appointments are going to be tricky.  i wonder if i would be able to get my monitoring done at the end of the morning?  if i leave after work at 9 i can be down at the clinic for 10:30 a.m.  definitely things i’ll have to get sorted beforehand.  i wonder if they ever give doctor’s notes for this?  i don’t want my new to know that i’m doing IVF but if it’s a documented medical requirement they wouldn’t be able to tell me no.  has anyone out there had a similar experience?  

well so much for cheating and getting this done quick.

need sleepy. 



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