134.4 and i have ABS again!  bahahaha

i’m about 2 pounds shy of my pre-IVF weight and i am very happy about that.  i still don’t feel up to exercising since i have a gurgle in my chest and still have some difficulties breathing but i’m wasting money on my Y membership and just want to get back in there. maybe aquafit today?  ya, definitely aquafit today.

i’m so emotional.  i didn’t cry once while waiting for IVF stimming.  i didn’t cry once during stimming.  i teared up a bit when the nurse was doing my IV for my egg retrieval and she said, “we’re going to get you that baby you’re dreaming of”.  that really hit me hard in the moment. 

now i’m 2 and a half weeks past retrieval and i’m a basket case.  i’m crying at everything and i’m getting very short tempered with my husband.

god.  it’s been over 2 years of this crap. i wish these hormones would just calm the fuck down!!!!


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