forgot how long things take…

i was curious about the timeline of my FET last year so i looked back on the dates just now.

given the grouchy mood i’m already in, i really shouldn’t have done that.

it looks like it took 18 days of prep last time.  started october 8th and had my transfer on october 25th.  geez.  that really sucks.  so if i get my next period (so messed when you’re looking forward to your next period when you’re still on your current one…FML) on the 14th of july (35 day cycle) then my transfer won’t even be until july 31st… if it’s longer than 35 days, which GUARANTEED it will be, then that’s into AUGUST!

i really should have just figured this out on a different day, in a better mood..

i could seriously rip my hair out right now.  i feel like i’m being choked.

i’m going to get a beer.


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