I’m really worried.

my brother came to me not long after we arrived at my parent’s and said,  “hey sham,  I’ve got bad news for ya”. my first thought was, “something has happened to a friend. ..”. then he says,  “you’re going to have to have a colonoscopy”. my grandfather had colon cancer when he died at age 91. my father has been screened for years and goes for the procedure every year.   my brother ‘s dr.  told him he needs to be screened and any siblings need screening as well.  she said that his kids will also need screening and that should start at age 27.  then he says, “I had one yesterday. they removed a 3 cm polyp. the dr.  said from her experience it looks cancerous.  I’ll find out in a month”.

oh my god.   what’s going on?  did that just actually happen?  I was sick to my stomach.

then we just went out front to plant trees.

I stopped a little wHile later and asked him if he’s okay with all this news?  he said there isn’t anything he can do, so they’ll just wait and see.

it’s the truth but it’s scary as hell.

I’m really struggling with this news.  I feel queasy.  on the verge of tears.

this can’t really be happening.


4 thoughts on “bombshell”

  1. oh girlie I am really sorry. I’m praying Psalm 112:7 over you guys…”He will fear no bad news for his heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord.” I am hoping and believing that it is not cancerous and your brother will live a long and healthy life. Sending you lots of hugs as you wait. xo

  2. Oh golly hun, I’m sorry. That’s a lot of news to just be thrown at you. Really a month to get the test results? I’ll be praying for you and your family.

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