feeling human again at 27 weeks

How far along?    27 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain/loss?  153  +19-20 lbs

Gender?  A sweet baby girl

Maternity clothes?   Yes.

Stretch marks?   Nope.

Sleep?  Slept well most of the week but had a couple of nights that were not so good (aka – TERRIBLE!).  I have officially lost the ability to sleep on my right side due to the nerve or ab damage on the right side of my upper abdomen.  I will roll over to my right side in the night, without knowing it, and I wake up almost paralyzed with ripping, burning, stinging pain.  I know this sounds very dramatic but seriously, it is the worst pain I have ever experienced (and I have gone through A LOT of physical pain).

Best moment this week –  Snapping out of this cold and my hermit-like state.  I have ambition and energy once again! This happened just in time too as we had tickets to take our oldest nieces to Medieval Times for their Christmas gift.  Now that they are older we try and give them “experience gifts” (god knows they do not need anymore toys!!).  They didn’t always know what was going on and got a little fidgety but for 6 and almost 4, they were great to sit like they did for 2 hours! My girlfriend had her baby!  She didn’t know what she was having but guessed another girl and she was right 🙂  Baby Eva arrived last Sunday just before noon. We met her yesterday and she is the sweetest little thing.  Tiny defined features and tonnes of black hair.  So cute.  I was able to talk to my SIL about shower plans and let her know that a big party style shower after the baby’s arrival wasn’t really what I wanted to do.  She was totally cool with it and so she’s going to plan a ladies only, springtime themed shower for March 29th at my MIL’s house.

2015-01-24 16.38.44 (Medium) 2015-01-24 17.09.59 (Medium)

Miss anything? I don’t know…  I guess I will continue to miss a good sleep at night from now until our kids are grown hahaha.  I am starting to miss cross country skiing.  We’re in the thick of winter now and I am missing being able to do things to do outdoors.

Movement? This baby has been a crazy moving machine for most of the week but yesterday and today she has changed positions or something and I barely feel her at all.  I do feel her though so I am not too worried about the change.  It seems to be a cycle of hers.  She is very, very active for several days and then she takes a few days off and takes it easy.  This morning though she did wake me up with a good hefty kick to the old pelvic bone or cervix – good morning to you too!

Food cravings? The over-the-top sweets craving has finally passed, thank goodness!  I am still on a kick with oranges and I want salad all the time.  I also still love those Brookside chocolate covered blueberries and pomegranate pieces.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  No, nothing this week.

Symptoms?  Round ligament pain and side stitches.

Labor Signs?  Nope.

Belly Button in or out?   Stretched but not popping.  I don’t know if I will pop actually.

Wedding rings on or off?   On.

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Happy and “lovey”.  I feel like I’m in my own little “love bubble’.  It must be a nesting thing.  I just like touching my belly all the time and rubbing it.  I can sit and watch it move and shake for hours and love just spending time focusing on my baby girl.

Looking forward to?   Looking forward to the nursery being done continues….  Chris is working on it as I type this so that is nice.  I don’t feel as crazy about having it done right now but I am looking forward to it.  I have an OB appointment tomorrow.  I am guessing I’ll get my GD results. Everyone seems to be getting a 30 U/S so perhaps I’ll get a requisition for this?  I know it’s super early and in the same breath I use to say this I also say “but don’t come now!”  I just really want her here.  I wish her due date was now and not 2 and half months from now hahaha.

DSC_0394 (Medium) DSC_0395 (Medium) DSC_0396 (Medium)

I feel very “blah” about these pics.  I feel like I’m ugly. Taking the photos at night with terrible lighting doesn’t help either.  They say “girls steal your beauty” and I’ve really been feeling like that for a bit now.

Photos from when I started this journey to this week…  (there is hope I will feel like myself again one day) hahaha.

DSC_0019 (Medium) DSC_0195 (Medium) DSC_0394 (Medium)

new due date…?

i had my OB appointment today and everything is looking good.

i had no issues with my GD blood test so that is good news but my total blood count showed a low red blood cell count at 108 (120 apparently being the low end of the preferred range).  so, hello iron pills.  i just hope that doesn’t also mean hello constipation :S  my poops are so good right now!  oh well.  gotta do it i guess.  i am up 3 pounds from last month, 154, normal but hard to swallow.  baby’s heart rate was 128.  much lower than usual but she hasn’t been as active the past couple of days and their hr lowers are they grow.  dr. was not concerned.  she was a little concerned with the change in movement.  i have had her doing her crazy dance parties for weeks and just a couple of days ago she really stopped moving around.  this is not new (talked about it in my weekly pregnancy update that is coming soon).  she usually takes a couple days off and then gets back into her usual busy routine. my dr. said i’m at the stage now where i should be doing fetal movement counting.  so, as many of you know, you count movement during a 2 hour period and record it.  6-10 movements that are separate, meaning at least 20 seconds apart, over a 2 hour period.  i started my “count” at 11:25 a.m. and i have had at least 6 moves in the first hour.  only one at a time and pretty light compared to her usual but i’m well within the range so we’re good for today.  i told my OB about my crazy painful/numb ab muscle and she said she’s had lots of women have this and it’s always on the right, never the left, and she has no idea what it is but it’s normal.  very uncomfortable but normal.  i didn’t have this question in mind going into the appointment but i decided to ask my Dr. what the odds were that she would be the Dr. delivering my baby?  i asked if she had any vacation time booked in april? haha. she will be way at some point for her daughter’s dance competition but she had just gotten the april schedule for L&D so she took a look.  she is hopeful that i may go into labor on my own beforehand but she said with my eccentric placenta and some other risk factors (infertility, IVF blah blah) it would perhaps be best to induce me earlier than my 40 week due date of april 23rd. she is on deliveries on the 16th of april, one week before my due date so  she said if i haven’t given birth by then that it would good to induce me then and i’d for sure have her as my dr. for the delivery.  i know that there are a lot opinions on being induced vs. going into labor naturally.  i have heard the argument that is not good for the baby to be induced and it will be more painful for me.  i am planning on an epidural regardless so i am hopeful that will help accommodate the pain factor no matter what the scenario.  i would love to go into labor naturally.  i think it would be amazing to know what that whole process is like but from the get go i have been of the mentality that whatever my dr. thinks is best is what i’ll do and so we’ll just wait and see.

i’ve now upgraded to my OB appointments being every two weeks.  i don’t know if this will make time seem to pass faster or slower but it will be nice to have that more frequent contact with my dr. now i’m starting to have more thoughts and questions about labor and delivery and what the hell i’m about to get myself into!?

a new sheriff in town

my husband has suddenly, overnight, become “crazy over protective chris”!

i thought he was joking around when he yelled at me because i was on the two foot, extra wide step ladder taking off the shower curtain this morning but he was dead serious mad at me for being up on it.  i was just up on the thing up to as recently as two weeks ago painting the hallway and now suddenly i’m “too far along now” and “getting too big” for a step ladder?!  oh my goodness.  the hallway has to get painted, the crown molding and shelving in the nursery have to get painted and i’m no longer allowed to be two feet up off the ground.

being cared about and pampered a little bit is nice but this new attitude is kind of annoying.  it’s going to be a very long 2 and half months if he’s serious about this.

oh and just an up-date:

i took the advice i was given about my baby shower dilemma and told my SIL that i would prefer a small, ladies only, before the birth baby shower and she was totally cool.  i feel much more relaxed with this decision and am happy chris and i could weigh the pros and cons and come to an agreement on it.  so, the shower will be march 29th at my MIL’s house with female friends and family.  i read recently that proper baby shower etiquette calls for the parent’s-to-be to pay for or provide the “thank you” take away gift.  after watching my beloved CBS Sunday Morning show this morning and finding out there are only 54 days until spring, i suggested a springtime/flower theme.  i offered to provide potted spring bulbs or mini hydrangeas to help with decor and also be the prizes for any games we may play.  for the “thank you” take away i’d like to make little clay flower pots with seed packets that say “love blooms” or “grow, baby, grow”.  i love planning parties and decorating so i hope my SIL agrees to let me contribute.

the shower dilemma

chris talked to his sister this weekend and in the conversation she mentioned an idea she had for a shower.  it’s totally awesome that she’s spearheading this project and we really appreciate it.

i am due april 23rd, so she was thinking that we could wait until may 16/17 weekend and have a big family and friends style party.

i am not opposed to this idea but i do have some concerns.

1 – it costs a lot money to host a party like that.  she has three kids and that is costly for her and husband.  i would not want her to have to fund this party.  it will be at a community centre, and granted relatives will bring food to contribute, it is a lot of work and costs will add up.  if this is the plan, she will have to let us contribute to funding it.

2 – will i want my potentially 3 week old baby (maybe older based on when i actually give birth) passed around a group of 60+ people?  i have read a couple of things lately and they said to keep exposure to a newborn baby to a minimum until 8 weeks old…?  i think i am okay with it right now but will “crazy new mommy” appear after the birth and want nothing to do with this?

3 – we have not registered for enough stuff.  if people go on the registry to purchase gifts it will go fast and then we run the risk of people getting creative and thinking “oh they didn’t register for this or that” (not knowing there is a reason for that as we have a lot of items already).  can you tactfully request gift cards to specific stores and diaper/wipes only?  perhaps money contributions to an RESP?

4 – what if we need the stuff on the registry between birth and the shower?  then we’re in the situation of just buying it ourselves, which is totally cool seeing as we’ve bought a lot of stuff ourselves already and can quite honestly afford to purchase the rest.  the thing is if we need something “now” but see it’s already been purchased off the registry then we’re obligated to wait it out to receive it at the party….

5 – am i completely overthinking this?!  should i just hand over the registry # and addresses for my friends and family and arrive and enjoy the party?

week 26 – time is flying

How far along?    26 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss?  152.6  +18-19 lbs

Gender?  A sweet baby girl

Maternity clothes?   Yes.

Stretch marks?   Nope.

Sleep?  Still sleeping relatively well this week.  If I am on my left side too long my left hip and leg ache and I have to roll over.  If I am on my right side too long my muscles along the right side of my spine ache so I have to roll over.

Best moment this week –  Last night and this morning I could feel definite pressure from larger body parts.  Like instead of the normal little punches and kicks and flutters it was like bigger body parts pushing against my stomach (right at my belly button)… so hard to describe.  Also, Chris called his sister this morning to talk about plans we have next weekend and she brought up some baby shower ideas.  People have been asking about a shower and registry and I had nothing to tell them because nothing had been mentioned yet.  It’s nice to see a ball rolling on that one although it opens up so many “issues” (for lack of a better word). Nothing bad but just a lot of things to things about and plan around.  I am going to write about this in a separate post to get some thoughts and feedback from you guys.

Miss anything? I am still sick and feeling really lazy.  I am not sure if this because I am sick or because I am entering my 3rd trimester and this what happens or if it’s because I am usually prone to being down at this time of year and it’s just some seasonal depression.  In any case I miss feeling normal (not sick) and I do miss having the motivation to do things.

Movement? I guess I covered this one in the “best moment” section.  I will say that I am loving feeling her move.  I stay awake at night to feel her and I stay in bed in the morning (on the weekend) so I can enjoy her moving around.  I also find myself lying around a lot just so I can focus on feeling her.

Food cravings? So last week I wrote ALL THE SWEETS! but this week it’s like literally ALL SWEETS.  Like everything is sugary.  Oranges, dried fruit, granola bars, chocolate.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  I have had a couple of days where it almost feels like my morning sickness was coming back.  I had a “gag” moment at work on Friday morning.

Symptoms?  Lazy.  Unmotivated.  Heartburn.  TIRED.

Labor Signs?  Nope.

Belly Button in or out?   Stretched but not popping.  I don’t know if I will pop actually.

Wedding rings on or off?   On.

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Happy but still very tired.  Really looking forward to this cold going away (going on week 3 and it seems to be getting worse not better).

Looking forward to?   Working on the nursery…. still.  Chris had to do work work yesterday and today after grocery shopping and other errands I just feel like lounging and watching movies and napping.  I was really cracking the whip for work getting done today but I just can’t be bothered now.

DSC_0387 (Medium) DSC_0388 (Medium) DSC_0392 (Medium)

sometimes I talk about her being all up in my belly and it feels like my stomach has so much pressure it’s going to burst.  In last week’s pictures that’s what she was doing.  Even just yesterday that is how my belly felt.  Now today, it’s like she’s not even in there.  I can see my rib cage and my abs at the top of my belly and I look way smaller.  Here is a photo comparison.  DSC_0385 (Medium) DSC_0392 (Medium)

Did or do you guys experience the same thing?!  It’s so crazy.  I just can’t figure what it is she’s doing in there! hahaha

week 25

How far along?    25 weeks 5 days – a little late with this one

Total weight gain/loss?  146 – 152 ( but really +18 – 19 lbs).  I had a terrible 24 hour flu bug and lost 6 pounds in 12 hours :S was back up to my normal weight the next day and gained one more 🙂

Gender?  A sweet baby girl

Maternity clothes?   Yes.

Stretch marks?   Nope.

Sleep?  Regardless of having a terrible cold I have slept really well this past week.  WOO HOO!

Best moment this week –  Baby was punching of kicking away so I put Chris’ hand on my tummy.  Two punches then all of a sudden a HUGE push/roll of an elbow (or something).  So wild!

Miss anything? Working out.  I cancelled my membership at the Y today.  I can’t even walk briskly without getting severe cramps all in my belly.  Yoga, stretching, and free weights at home for me now.

Movement? It’s unbelievable how much movement.  I joked with a friend today that I may have hyper hypo child on my hands hahaha.  She said her daughter was the same and she’s a very calm child hahaha.  I can feel her length more now. I can feel her at two different places at once now.  It seems she’s been diagonal across my belly the past few days.  I feel her above my left hip and under my right ribs and lost of punches at my belly button too.

Food cravings? ALL THE SWEETS!

Anything making you queasy or sick?  No.  I actually even made it up to the attic to paint the trim for the nursery.  No more gagging on wood smell.

Symptoms?  Sore back.  Indigestion. Tired.

Labor Signs?  Nope.

Belly Button in or out?   Pretty stretched out but in.

Wedding rings on or off?   On.

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Happy and very tired.  Really looking forward to this cold going away.

Looking forward to?   Getting my glucose test over with next week.  Working on the nursery with Chris this weekend.

DSC_0381 (Medium) DSC_0382 (Medium) DSC_0385 (Medium)

she seems higher up this week…

this is going to get ya right in the heartbone

garth brooks “mom”

i am not a huge garth brooks fan.  my husband, however, is…big time!

chris has told me a few times that the only two artists/bands on his “bucket list” to see in concert are AC/DC and garth brooks. i found out right before christmas that garth brooks had a new album and was touring for the first time in like over a decade. the tour dates are only in the states so i checked and found one close to us in buffalo.  needless to say i got him tickets. we’re going to the 10:30 p.m. show on march 7th.  i was thinking “that is soooo far away from my due date” and didn’t hesitate to purchase the tickets.  i just logged my weeks for the new year into my phone and realized that march 7th will put me at 33 1/2 weeks pregnant.  still super early but farther along than i had really calculated.  anyway, i am sure i’ll be just fine.  besides, it’s like right across the border.  i’m sure if anything crazy happened i’d be able to get my ass back on Canadian soil before she popped out hahaha.

we’ve been listening to garth while we’ve working on the nursery/bathroom renos and i noticed a song about a baby talking to god and being worried about being sent to earth.  god goes on to tell the baby that he’s going to meet someone wonderful that will protect him and love him and he shouldn’t be afraid.  i lost it!  my husband asked me what was wrong the first time i heard it, i was in one room working and he was in another and i was just a blubbering mess when he walked into the room.  i could barely speak through my sobs to explain the message.

i am a crazy emotional basket case lately!!  so many bloggers i follow seems to be giving birth and meeting their new babies these past couple of weeks and i am just in such a crazy emotional state.  i want to meet MY baby sooooo badly.

i thought i’d share the song to pull on your heartstrings a little bit in case you’re a wreck like me and need a bit of an emotional release hahaha.


when the photographer wants to be in the pictures

photographers are crooks! (and that’s coming from a trained, amature photographer).

they are the closest thing to a vet that i have found haha.  they play on your emotions and rob you blind!

i would like to have some photographs done before the baby is born and would definitely like to have some photos done of us as a family afterwards but not at the rates these pros want to charge.  their packages run hundreds of dollars and they don’t even include files to keep or printed photos – that, of course, is extra and you will NEVER get electronic files to do what you wish with.

i have done so many photos for family and friends.  i spend hours taking photos for them, i retouch them, and i put them all on a disc for them to print at will.  they are photos of them, they belong to them.  i think i charged one friend once and it was like $125.  i drove over an hour to her house and took photos for like 2 hours. i understand that if i was a professional i could absolutely not live on rates like this but i could definitely sleep better at night knowing i was not totally exploiting people’s emotions and paying my ego a very handsome wage at the same time.

the thing is, i know what is involved in taking the photos and retouching them afterwards and the price tag these photographers are putting on this doesn’t even come close to the effort involved.  really?  you think you deserve to make $75+ an hour?  the ambulance attendants, that SAVE LIVES, don’t even make close to that.  who do you think you are?!  yes, equipment and software is expensive but with rates like these that shit was paid off long ago!

i know i can do all the detail shots of baby and baby with family at the hospital and i can do a “newborn” shoot at home myself but what about the tender, loving, bonding moments between a mother and child?  i, more than anyone, want to finally have those precious images as keepsakes of my own.

i guess i have a few months to get creative and get handy with the tripod.

Braxton Hicks

i think that I’m having Braxton Hicks (BHs) contractions now. in my first trimester i would have some tightening in my lower abdomen at night. i thought these were BHs but many people told me probably not.  now i’ve been having crazy things happening in my abdomen for awhile and was totally clueless.  this is because they aren’t painful,  like a menstrual cramp,  but more like a sever tightening of my stomach muscles.  my abs,where they connect with my ribs, tighten up so tight i feel like i can’t breath and i can’t sit or move properly.  ya,  it’s as awesome as it sounds haha.  i’ve read about B
Hs and everything says they last about half a minute.  mine last quite awhile.  like at least five minutes at a time.  so are they BHs?  i read they are sporadic and can happen a few times a day.  this is true for me.  my next OB appointment isn’t for another 3 weeks… grrr… i really want to ask about this.

any input ladies?