4 pounder

we had an U/S today to re-check the placenta and umbilical cord function and to see how baby girl is thriving.

i am 32 weeks 1 day and everything looks like it’s right on track ūüôā

so far as the technician could tell from her measurements i’ve cooked her to 4 pounds so far. ¬†4 pounds! ¬†holy cow.

she said she’s in the 27th percentile overall.

according to the chart on babycenter she’s measuring just a little ahead of average.

32 weeks 16.69 inches 3.75 pounds 42.4 cm 1702 grams

if she continues to grow at the average rate of 1/2 a pound a week from here on out then we could be meeting an 8 pound baby girl in 7 weeks. ¬†i was definitely hoping for a bit smaller haha. ¬†i was 5 lbs. 9 oz. ¬†Chris was over 9 lbs however, so as long as she less than THAT i guess i’ll be okay LOL


it was so cool to get to see her today. ¬†she was sucking away and opening and closing her mouth. ¬†in the photo above she is mid pucker haha. ¬†the tech was able to confirm that she is head down. ¬†her face is towards my right hip. ¬†her back is coming up along my left side with her bum under my left rib cage. ¬†her feet are crossed and tucked to my right side under my right ribs and her arms are crossed all snug up under her chin. ¬†this explains the hip bone tickles i’ve been getting. ¬†i knew it had to be a little hand ūüôā

i have been really relaxed about her growth since my first ultrasound to check the placenta function around 23 weeks. everything was fine then and i just felt really good about it staying that way. ¬†today i had no worries or anxieties. ¬†she is growing so well and doing all the things she needs to do to get ready for the life on the “outside”.

i know that she has so much more developing to do in terms of laying down more fat, getting full function in her lungs and advancing her brain development over the next 7 weeks but knowing she has substantial weight to her (and will only get bigger) makes me that much more confident about her ability to survive and thrive if she were to arrive before these 7 weeks are up.

Gosh Yarn It! Wreaths

Awaiting Autumn reminded me recently that if you don’t promote yourself, no one else will! so i thought i would take moment for some shameless self promotion ūüėČ

i have started making wreaths about 4 years ago. ¬†i was looking for something to keep me busy while we entered our 2nd year of TTC. ¬†i needed something to focus my energy on that wasn’t baby related. ¬†i started my etsy shop Gosh Yarn It! Wreaths at that time. ¬†let me tell you,¬†selling on etsy is a full time job! ¬†you can’t just throw some items in a shop and expect it to thrive. ¬†i have a friend that has devoted a lot of time and energy into her shop and all the beautiful items she has created. check out her shop – thehouseofhemp.¬† she has done extremely well but for me, i haven’t sold a tonne of items out of my shop. ¬†i have, however, sold quite a bit through christmas shows and to family and friends over the last few years. ¬†i like to work on new styles and designs and come up with custom items when requested.

i have a fairly limited amount of items in the shop at the moment as i’m trying to move inventory. ¬†also, a lot of my wreaths are OOAK (one of a kind) and i just simply don’t have the materials needed to recreate the wreath again.

i have been thinking about making a custom initial for the nursery but since i can’t seem to settle on a name i’ll have to just keep waiting to get started on that!

through the link to my shop¬†(here and above) you can see what i currently have in the shop for sale. ¬†shown here below are some of my favourite items i’ve made over the years (some can be made again, sadly, some can not).

DSC_0037 (Medium)

484042_537361892943333_837589506_n 384307_509210932425096_1670625139_n DSC_0153 (Medium) DSC_0171 (Medium) DSC_0274 (Medium) DSC_0073 (Medium) DSC_0175 (Medium)DSC_0005 (Medium)DSC_0231 (Medium) (2) DSC_0289 (Medium) DSC_0720 (Medium) initial copy (Medium)

DSC_0222 (Medium)DSC_0008 (Medium)DSC_0002 (Medium) DSC_0011 (Medium)DSC_0002 (Medium) DSC_0234 (Medium) (2)DSC_0004 (Medium)DSC_0318 (Medium)

custom nursery art

i am so happy i learned how to use photoshop years ago. ¬†i have done so many projects using that software i couldn’t even begin to think about what i would have missed out on doing if i didn’t have it. ¬†i recently did a custom artwork for baby girl’s nursery. i used the colour tool to pick out colours from the rug in her room. ¬†i am happy with the way it turned out.

S&S stroke resized

now i just need the moola for an upgraded software program so i can have more fun with all the photos i am going to be taking of her. ¬†i have had creative suite 5.5 on my “want list” for about 4 years now hahaha. ¬†push present?!

31 weeks. stick a fork in me!

How far along?    31 weeks, 4 days.

Total weight gain/loss?¬† 156 ¬†+22 ‚Äď 23 lbs.

Gender? ¬†A sweet baby girl ‚̧

Maternity clothes?   Yes

Stretch marks?¬†¬† Nope. ¬†The skin around my belly button¬†looks suspect but it doesn’t look like full on stretch marks. ¬†I feel like i’m reaching a stretching limit though. ¬†My belly is often darker (like tanned) or reddish looking. ¬†I feel like I’m going to make it right to the end and then in the last couple of weeks I’ll break out in stretch marks. ¬†We’ll see.

Sleep? ¬†Sleep is good if I’m on the couch. ¬†I decided today actually that I’m just going to officially move to the couch at night. ¬†No more wasting a half hour or hour seeing if it will be a “bed” night. ¬†It never is anymore. ¬†Chris will like this as his favourite sleeping position is “the starfish” hahaha.

Best moment this week ‚Äď ¬†I guess getting another long weekend? ¬†Nothing has really been great this week. ¬†I had a cold. I was tired. ¬†I was stressed. ¬†I am uncomfortable 90% of the day. It’s like I have Braxton Hicks but all day long. ¬†So my best moments could be when I don’t feel like I have a rock hard stomach hahaha.

Miss anything? My normal body.

Movement?¬†Lots of limb movement. ¬†Not in the ribs so much anymore but down in the right hip bone and the pelvis. ¬†I think she’s getting the hiccups a lot. ¬†They are really short and rhythmic “pops” but they are really close together, like every other second, and I feel like that’s too fast. ¬†It can’t be anything other than the hiccups though so…

Food cravings?¬†I’ve actually lost my appetite. ¬†I am starving, my stomach is actually growling but I don’t want to eat anything.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Chris had the attic door open a lot this weekend and the wood smell drove me nuts.  Had to constantly close it behind him.

Symptoms?  Rock hard stomach.  Tired.  Back pain.  Shortness of breath.  Linea nigra above my belly button now (in addition to below).  Dizziness.

Labor Signs?  Nope but had some pretty serious cramps on and off all day Saturday and Sunday.

Belly Button in or out?   Stretched but not popping.  At this point I can see that my belly button is not designed to pop.

Wedding rings on or off?   On.

Happy or Moody most of the time? ¬†I am happy to be closer to the end of this pregnancy. ¬†I am super moody because it’s not happening fast enough and I am just so uncomfortable.

Looking forward to?¬† ¬†This month being over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¬†This has been the longest stretch of this pregnancy so far. ¬†Like worse than the morning sickness phase. ¬†We have our L&D class tomorrow night. ¬†I really do not want to see a live birth video but it’s inevitable so I am going to excuse myself for that part. ¬†I mean really. ¬†I know what’s going to happen down there. ¬†I don’t want to see it on myself, why would I want to see it on some other woman?! ¬†Still looking forward to my U/S on Friday. ¬†I got approved for the afternoon shift off so I’m going for a pedicure with a friend in the morning and then I don’t have to worry about anything for the rest of the weekend. ¬†Chris is in a hockey tournament on Saturday so it will be nice to sit and watch that with some of the other wives/GFs.

DSC_0445 (Medium) DSC_0446 (Medium) DSC_0448 (Medium)

that’s a big belly right there folks! ¬†i can only imagine how much bigger it’s going to get?! (according to a friend’s BF, he thinks it’s going to get “much, MUCH bigger”. ¬†great. LOL.

sick and tired and i need to vent.

this post is entirely useless to anyone but me. ¬†if you stop reading now, you’re probably better off hahaha.

i have a cold for the 4th time in 6 months (and i also had a flu bug thrown in there a New Years just to shake things up a bit).

everyone told me i’d get sick more¬†while pregnant.¬†¬†it is also my first year in a daycare/school environment. ¬†i knew this could be true but FOUR times?! ¬†come on…

i am also the “OCD cleaning lady” at our centre. ¬†i clean the toys all the time. wipe the tables, chairs. ¬†i constantly wash my hands. i make the kids constantly wash their hands.

i have had a very rough pregnancy but i have worked through all my illnesses. ¬†i was sick for 4 weeks straight in January. ¬†i didn’t ask for a day off god damn it!

this time i was just so tired to start with. i’m run down. i’m 8 months pregnant. i’m anemic. ¬†my morning sickness is back.

i needed a day off.

i followed all the protocol for getting a supply. ¬†i called my boss to ask permission to submit a request. i called the supply coordinator to request a supply and i was told, “there is a lack of supply staff for your area so it’s not likely. i’ll call you back”.

i did not hear back.

i had a fever, my throat was slowly closing in on itself and i had to be back at work in less than an hour.

my boss was not answering her phone. ¬†i finally broke down and called my husband because i just couldn’t take it anymore. i have not bawled that hard in a very long time. ¬†i felt like i was losing my mind.

i was so distraught i knew i couldn’t talk to my boss so i sent an email about my frustrations. ¬†we’ve been told since september that there is a lack of supply staff for our area but were also told they were working on hiring more people. ¬†6 months later, nothing has changed. ¬†as i mentioned i never call in sick. ¬†i am committed to my centre and my kids and my co-worker and i suck it up and i go take care of things. ¬†i legitimately needed a day off to take care of myself and it just felt like no one cared.

a couple of minutes after i’d sent the email my boss called. ¬†i let it ring right almost to the point of the machine picking it up because i knew i was going to lose my shit as soon as i opened my mouth.

cue water works. ¬†i just couldn’t keep it together. ¬†i am an emotional person but i can keep my shit together when needed. work related conversations are highly regarded as “keep your shit together” moments. ¬†thank god my boss is amazing and has been pregnant before and totally understood that this was not me it was my hormones. ¬†i apologized over and over again. ¬†i honestly felt like i was losing my fucking mind. ¬†it wasn’t even me in my body.

we finally got it sorted that i would go into work that night and leave once our numbers dropped and i could have the day off today.

the thing is, now i am home and resting but i just feel so terrible about the whole situation.  it should not have to be this way. i am sick.  i could barely say good-bye to chris this morning.  my eyes are watering and my throat is killing me but all i feel is guilt. like i should have just sucked it up one more day and gone to work and i would have been saved all this embarrassment.

but that is where i’m wrong. ¬†i should never have been put in a place where i was pushed so far beyond my breaking point. people get sick. ¬†especially in childcare settings! ¬†i followed the process for taking a day off. ¬†it’s not my fault or problem that my company is so understaffed they are unable to accommodate their employees in their time of need.

it’s all just so frustrating.

anyway, i just hope i don’t need any more unexpected time off between now and march 27th. ¬†i am at my breaking point. ¬†i have been for last two weeks. ¬†i have 8 more weeks to go in this pregnancy and i am just done with it all already.

i honestly don’t know where i’m going to get my energy from to birth this baby. ¬†i feel like i’m tapped out. ¬†i honestly feel like i’m going to go into labor and i’m just going to cry because i can’t do it.

things that make you go “hmmmm”

i keep getting weird things that pop into my head and think, “oh, i should write this down” but then i never do.

this is a list of weird things i for some reason feel the need to keep track of.  if you have any input about anything i list here, please feel free to comment about it! (i want you to!)

– i just bought all new, beautiful bed sheets. ¬†should i have a “wet pad” and crappy sheets on the mattress just in case my water breaks in bed? ¬†(my friend had bleeding and woke up in a pool of blood. her mattress and sheets were absolutely ruined).

– what do you do about the “hairy” the situation down below? ¬†i was in a hospital and they had a campaign on against hair removal before labor. ¬†the slogan, “don’t shave the hair down there”. ¬†catchy. ¬†i want to do SOMETHING but how much and when? ¬†is it really worth it? ¬†does anyone really care but me?

Рi am more concerned about the weirdness of delivering the placenta then i am about delivering the baby or pooping while pushing.  this one is a WTF for sure.

– why does not knowing “how much clothing to pack for the baby in my hospital bag” make me so mental?! ¬†it’s seriously the only thing i am worried about (another WTF). ¬†i am REALLY looking forward to the labor and delivery class next tuesday just to find the answer to this particular question. ¬†(i’m losing it).

– my husband was asked if he would watch the baby coming out. ¬†he responded with a fast and adamant “No”. ¬†i guess i don’t really want him to look but we hadn’t really discussed it and for some reason in that moment hearing him be so sure with a definite “No” made me very angry and insulted.

– to be continued….

30 weeks & single digit weekly countdown

How far along?¬† ¬† 30 weeks. ¬†With my induction date being moved to 39 weeks (and the possibility of going into labor naturally beforehand), we’re in the single digit countdown ūüôā

Total weight gain/loss?¬† 156 ¬†+22 ‚Äď 23 lbs

Gender? ¬†A sweet baby girl ‚̧

Maternity clothes?   Yes

Stretch marks?   Nope.  The skin around my belly button is looking weird though.

Sleep? ¬†Sleep has been mixed. ¬†Spent two nights on the couch. ¬†One time for restless legs. I moved back to the bed in the middle of the night but Tucker had had dental work that day and when I got up it seemed to triggered him into a dopey stuper. ¬†He walked around the house and went up and down the stairs. ¬†Chris finally got up and fed him and took him out. ¬†I didn’t get much sleep that night. ¬†The next night I was wide awake at bedtime… another sleepless night. Last night, I didn’t wake up once! ¬†ūüôā

Best moment this week ‚Äď ¬†Getting some more little things done in the nursery. ¬†Hung the lamp, leveled out the furniture. Had an OB appt. ¬†Dr. is pretty certain that she is head down on my cervix. ¬†Makes sense. I’ve been having a lot of pressure and I’ve been getting a lot of movement in my upper abdomen and in my ribs.

Miss anything? Just my regular, non-pregnant body.

Movement? Lots of limb movement.  Jabs in the ribs.  Lots of pokes at the far sides of my belly and behind my belly button.

Food cravings? I craved pizza at 9 a.m. but I came home and had oatmeal and a bagel instead haha.

Anything making you queasy or sick?¬† Still queasy in the mornings but not as bad as last week and I didn’t throw up this week. ¬†Iron pills and vitamins make me queasy.

Symptoms?¬† CLUMSY! ¬†Holy cow, so clumsy. ¬†Tired. ¬†Queasy. ¬†Heartburn. That nipple thing… Sore back and butt.

Labor Signs?  Nope but getting cramps.

Belly Button in or out?   Stretched but not popping.

Wedding rings on or off?   On.

Happy or Moody most of the time?  I am happy.  I had a little cry this week because I am just so tired of feeling tired and ugly.  I want my body back, my baby here in my arms and a TAN!

Looking forward to?¬† ¬†This month being over! ¬†How can the shortest month of the year be taking so long to go by?! ¬†I have an ultrasound to check baby girl’s growth on the 27th so I am really looking forward to that!!! ¬†Although, at my OB appt. this week my dr. totally freaked me out because she was like, ” I actually don’t think this baby is hurting for size at all!” and then gave me this weird “she’s going to be big/huh-oh” look. ¬†shit. hahaha. This weekend is Family Day weekend so I’m looking forward to seeing Norah and Em and going out for dinner for my SIL’s b-day. ¬†I am looking forward to my last day of work ūüôā It’s totally bittersweet. ¬†I am going to miss my daycare kids SOOOOO much but I just want to be done and focus on me and my husband and the arrival of our first baby.

DSC_0432 (Medium) DSC_0435 (Medium) DSC_0437 (Medium) DSC_0439 (Medium)

very pink for our valentine’s day party at school today.

happy early valentine’s day! xox

29 weeks and growing… impatient

How far along?    29 weeks 3 days.

Total weight gain/loss?¬† 155 ¬†+21 ‚Äď 22 lbs

Gender? ¬†A sweet baby girl ‚̧

Maternity clothes?   Yes and I wore some pre-baby tops again this week.  We went to the store for more pants as I currently have one real pair of pants that fit at the moment.  Trying on pants is a struggle and a half when you no longer bend at the waist.  The HUGE changing room mirrors also did nothing for my pregnant (chubby thighed) self esteem.  I managed to find one pair that I liked and I high tailed it outta there.

Stretch marks?   Nope.

Sleep? ¬†Sleep is awesome. ¬†Not getting up to pee and only waking up to turn over once or twice. ¬†My left leg gets achy and that’s why I have to turn to the right side for a bit.

Best moment this week ‚Äď ¬†Getting the nursery done and put back together. ¬†I am definitely preparing (way too early) and got all the cloths we have so far washed, folded and sorted into age categories. ¬†I had a few days where I did not need to nap and actually got out to visit some friends.

Miss anything? Sushi!  I also really want my fit, capable body back.

Movement?¬†She is back to crazy movement. ¬†Not worried about kick counts at all right now. ¬†I have no idea what position she is in. ¬†One minute I think she’s head down and then the next I swear she’s breech. ¬†The movements are strong and I can feel her bulk very clearly.

Food cravings? Chocolate ice cream, a hamburger, chicken roti.

Anything making you queasy or sick?¬† My morning sickness is back. ¬†It’s mild but it’s there. ¬†It worse on weekdays because I get up to bloody early (5:50 a.m.) ¬†I threw up twice last week at work. ¬†I feel very queasy if I get hungry.

Symptoms?¬† Morning sickness, leaking nipples, red “pimple” bumps, very sore back, nesting, dizziness, cravings, emotional.

Labor Signs?  Nope but getting cramps quite frequently.

Belly Button in or out?   Stretched but not popping.

Wedding rings on or off?   On.

Happy or Moody most of the time?  I am happy.  Impatient.  Emotional.  Ready for this baby to arrive!

Looking forward to?¬† ¬†I am looking forward to continuing our prenatal classes on Tuesday nights. ¬†I am very much looking forward to Family Day weekend next weekend. ¬†3 days off and that means a short work week the week after! WOOT WOOT! ¬†I am waiting for a new Michael’s store to open this coming Friday. ¬†I have been taking these posts and pictures and putting them together in a scrapbook. ¬†I have the first half of this pregnancy in the book and I’d like to get working on what I have for the second half so far. ¬†I also bought a baby book today and am looking forward to getting caught up in it and filling out what I can. Most of all, I am looking forward to being one week closer to meeting this baby of ours!!

DSC_0430 (Medium) DSC_0431 (Medium)

DSC_0428 (Medium)

 DSC_0425 (Medium) DSC_0426 (Medium) DSC_0427 (Medium)


It’s finally done! ¬†my handy hubby has done it once again and we have a renovated room to cross of the list of things to update in this old, old house of ours. ¬†it’s only a couple several weeks behind schedule.

this project is specifically exciting because it’s the room our baby girl will come home to. ¬†it’s been a LOOONG time coming, in more ways than one, and we’re are thrilled to have it ready and waiting for her.

we purchased all the furniture (minus the crib) and accents for the room before we were even pregnant. ¬†the style was kind of leaning toward the feminine side from the get go because of the rug choice (which was hubby’s btw) so i’m happy we are having a girl ūüôā if it had turned out we were having a boy the mirror and carpet would have been swapped out for something a little more simple. stripes or geometric pattern perhaps for the rug and a simple framed mirror.

I am happy we stuck with bright, solid colours. ¬†this way if baby #2 happens we can swap out a few simple items to make the room ready for baby boy or update it for girl #2 so it’s her own space.

DSC_0364 (Medium)

when we started the project at Christmas – 23/24 weeks

DSC_0421 (Medium)

when we finished the project – 29 weeks

DSC_0409 (Medium)

DSC_0410 (Medium)

need a cream coloured crib skirt.

DSC_0411 (Medium)

have an ornate amber lamp to hang over the chair.

DSC_0412 (Medium)

need to decide on a curtain colour.  or we may bring the original curtains back in, striped in colours that match the rug.

DSC_0414 (Medium)

no, i was not IN the crib for this shot haha

DSC_0418 (Medium)

this reminds me, where the heck are we going to store this stroller for everyday use?!

DSC_0424 (Medium)

the only artwork in the nursery right now. ¬†i’m not sure if i’ll add in much more….?

it’s not rocket science

…but i did like this short and sweet list of l&d/hospital stay info.

Two Too Smart, Smartass Mommies

i’m starting to read anything and everything i come across on the subject. ¬†my SIL told me last night to stay in my “oblivious bubble” (where i currently am residing). she told me she started to panic big time as her due got closer and she was terrified of labor. ¬†she said to just wait until it’s happening. i’ll get in the zone and i’ll turn into someone else (aka – warrior beast) and i’ll get the job done. ¬†i am absolutely sure this will happen but in the meantime, i’m still going read everything! haha

i woke up this morning thinking about my hospital bag. ¬†i was actually going through the items i could pack now and what i could/would have to leave until the time comes. ¬†i could envision my list with packed / to be packed at the top of the page…

this is a nesting thing right? ¬†or my body telling something i don’t know… (aka – get ready early, you’re going to need it!)….?

in any case, there is currently a small suitcase in the nursery with slippers, diapers, nursing pads, newborn outfits and toiletries in it ūüėČ