i follow Megan`s blog about her daily struggles with mental health and OCD but i most enjoy learning about all the awesome beauty products she comes across and shares.

i was super excited (and completely jealous) when she reviewed the entire line of eye shadows from a Canadian beauty product company based in my BIL`s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario called Chirp Cosmetics Company.

the loose shadow powders that Megan reviewed were rich and silky and the colour choice was emmense!  i couldn’t wait to get online and find out more about this company.  i found Chirp Cosmetics had a website (obviously), a FB page and an Instagram account @chirpcosmetics.

i reached out to the Owner and Creator of Chirp’s products and let her know that Meagan’s review had reached and impressed me.  I mentioned that I was totally jealous and would have loved to have been the one to review her shadows hahaha. she told me she had a new line of matte lipsticks in the works that she would be releasing this summer.  she kept me in mind and the other day i received three cute little pots of matte lipsticks to try out and review  🙂

this is my first time reviewing a product and i hope i do these amazing little lipsticks justice.

first i’ll share with you a little bit of information about Chirp Cosmetics

“handmade in small batches with high quality ingredients, chirp cosmetics company offers a beautiful alternative to conventional makeup

based out of sault ste. marie, ontario, chirp cosmetics company began with a vision to offer unique makeup colours based on both popular and timeless looks. there is so much unique inspiration everywhere! an added bonus to the beauty of the products is that they all have a natural and/or mineral base.

chirp cosmetics company is the fruit of a true partnership. we are a married couple who live in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, and we run everything to do with chirp! she’s been arty all her life, loves playing with colour, and just so happens to have a knack for science. she makes, wears, sells, and talks to people about chirp’s makeup. he is a gamer, programmer, graphic designer and sign manufacturer, and he does the design, promotional signage, and packaging.

the name chirp has an unexpected and short story behind it. when our cat is in an affectionate mood, she communicates with us in chirps. and we love her to bits! so it was a natural fit for our company’s name”.

i love supporting handmade, small businesses and when a company’s products are cruelty free and paraben free, they adhere to health Canada’s cosmetic notification program, and source ingredients and supplies from north american suppliers i love supporting them even more!


my three cute little matte lipsticks arrived in a very clean, nice white paper bag.  it was stamped with the Chirp logo and sealed with the cutest little birdie sticker (also part of the logo).

DSC_0671 (Medium)

DSC_0672 (Medium)

DSC_0675 (Medium)


the lipsticks came in 3 ml plastic clam shell pots ($4.00 each) with a very generous portion of matte lipstick in each. (along with a business card).

DSC_0677 (Medium)

DSC_0681 (Medium)

DSC_0683 (Medium)

shocker-01-01_compact vamp-01_compact (1) fruit_punch-01_compact

SHOCKER                                  VAMP                                FRUIT PUNCH




all of these colours are super vibrant.  i initially feel in love with the colour VAMP when i saw it released on Chirp’s FB page. it was the epitome of sexy.  when my samples arrived it was SHOCKER that i fell in love with.  it is summer so i am drawn to pink tones at this time of year.  i am finding that shocker and fruit punch are going with all of my outfits.  i am waiting for a night out in a nice white or black top with jeans and heels to bust out the VAMP 😉  these lipsticks go on very smoothly with a lipstick brush and a little goes a long way.  because the lipstick is matte it is very easy to forget you are wearing anything on your lips at all.  i have kissed my little babe’s head on several occasions and remembered i am wearing lipstick only after i see the stain left behind.  the pigment is strong so if you do get it on your skin, on any other place other than your lips, it does leave a bit of a stain.  this, however, is easily remedied with soap and water.  it is long lasting if you are not eating or drinking or wiping your mouth.  if you are doing those things you definitely have to reapply to keep the colour strong.



all in all i am VERY impressed with these matte lipsticks.  they are reasonably priced and will last a very long time even if used daily.

i am going to place an order for some of Chirp Cosmetic’s other beauty products, starting with some eye shadows!

if you would like to try out something from Chrip Cosmetics as well, use code – REVIEW15 – for 15% off the total purchase of $10 or more 🙂


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