She sleeps!

I said we were done with sleep training, and we were, up until a week ago.

Maeve was 10 and a half months old and sleeping with Chris in the spare room. She would start in her crib and at her 10 p.m. wake up Chris would take her to bed. Then, over the course of a night, she’d be up 3 or 4 times. Each time Chris would bring her to me, I would feed her, cuddle her, and take her back to him. In the beginning she would go back to sleep. Just before a week ago she would instantly start writhing around and cry bloody murder when I put her back in bed with Chris. This would start a game of crying, bouncing back and forth between bed rooms, crying in the swing and finally sleeping the last hour or so in the swing.  Naps were the same. If we were home for naps we’d have crying and getting up in the crib and naps always ended up happening in the swing.  

Chris had knee surgery on March 26th. Maeve still slept with him but I had to go in a get her. Chris said she would rustle and then sit up. She would be quiet at first. She would stare at the door and start to babble. When I didn’t come she would start to cry.  When she could hear me get out of bed she would start bouncing and clapping. 

That was the turning point in our co-sleeping 

We determined that trying sleep training again was the best thing for all of us. Maeve was not learning the skills needed to have normal, restful sleep (for both naps and nighttime sleep) and once again we were not functioning with the few hours we were getting each night. With the development of excitement and clapping upon me getting her in the night we realized she was mature enough to know exactly what was going on.

We decided on the Ferber method once again.  This time we didn’t think “what do we do if?…” We were taking the info and sticking to it no matter what. We did decide that based on Maeve’s personality we would do pick up and put down between timed intervals. We also decided to cut nights nursing -cold turkey.  If she seemed to really need to eat Chris would offer a bottle of homo milk.

Night 1: bedtime routine – bath, nurse, books, crib. She cried for 3 mins. Chris went in. Then cried another 5, then 10. Chris went in every 10 minutes for an hour and 20 mins. She went to sleep for 10 mins and was up again. Another hour of crying with Chris going in every 10 minutes. She went to sleep around 11 p.m. She was up at 1:30a.m. Chris went through two intervals and she was back to sleep until 6 a.m. 

Night 2: same routine and this time we went through just two intervals of crying. The significant change was that when Chris put her back down and left the room her eyes were still open. She was putting herself to sleep on the second night.  Next goal- making it through the sleep transition an hour later.

The next couple of nights were one interval of crying and then right to sleep.  By nights 4-5 she was sleeping through her sleep transition. The only thing that was challenging was that she was still getting up at her habitual wake times any time between 12-2 and 3-5 a.m. Some mornings she was up at 5 a.m others 6. One morning it was 8 a.m. That was the night she cried from 3-430 a.m. :s

On nights 5-6 I was so frustrated with her still waking and crying. Why was she waking? Why couldn’t she just sit down, lie down and go to sleep? She can go to sleep from being wide awake why can’t she do that on her own?! She was sleeping 4 hours at a time max. I think I was frustrated because the sleep training companies claim “sleeping through the night in 10 days guaranteed”. It just made me feel like we were doing something wrong. (Even though I know we are following the plan to the letter).

Last night was night 7. We are at intervals of 20, 25 and 30 minutes.

She went to bed and cried her normal first interval. She slept from 7:40 until 11 p.m. In that time she rolled from her back to her tummy twice, moved her entire body from the middle of the crib to the top corner of the crib. To us this part is a huge success! She wakes and moves and keeps on sleeping. We are still struggling with the rest of the night. By common standards sleeping through the night is from midnight to 5 a.m. We went to bed at 11 p.m. From 11-12:30 – she cried. And cried. And cried. She cried all three intervals which are really long at this stage. As mentioned, 20,25,30. Why can’t she just stop crying? Well at almost the end of the third interval she did stop. Oh my goodness. She did it! Well sort of. We checked the monitor and she was not crying but was standing in the crib patting the wall. The timer went off and Chris went in to lie her down. He left and she lied there with eyes open. He watched for a while and finally I said “Just turn it off. If she cries she cries but try to sleep if she’s not crying”. We woke up to her soft cries at 5:50 a.m.  Over 5 hours. “Through the night”.

So here we are. The start of the second week. We are making big strides and still have some ways to go. Tonight will be very interesting. I am actually very curious to see if she stops crying quicker this time. Maybe she will even lie down on her own?  These amazing changes in just 7 nights are incredible. I am so proud of our little pigeon and love her so much. 

next steps, literally.

it started on march 1st but i haven’t had a the time to write.

there was magic in our extra leap year day.  so many awesome things happened this February 29th.  then on march 1st maeve made her move and took her first few steps!  she is taking so many steps at a time now.  it’s not quite walking as she’s is not fully choosing to walk when she’s moving around but i’m sure she’ll change over soon enough.

when she is interested in practicing she will lift her arms in the air so i can get her into a standing position.  she’ll walk to me and when she reaches me she gives me she gives a big hug and a super goofy smile.  she is starting to scrunch her nose up and make her jaw crooked.  it’s the most hilarious thing she’s done so far.  it’s so freaking cute but i haven’t been able to catch it on camera yet.

i wish i could add  some video but i haven’t figure that out yet.  it looks like you can only upload video if it has a URL?  so i guess i would have to post it to youtube to be able to post it here on wordpress?  any input on that would be greatly appreciate 🙂