12 months

Maeve is one year and 3 days old today.

It is incredible to look back on pictures and video of her in her first few days of life.  How incredible to see how much a child grows, changes and learns in such a short amount of time.

I most certainly miss my tiny little baby girl.  So new, fresh, sweet, innocent.  Those early months were truly just filled with pure love and happiness.  I was euphoric. We made so many memories this summer and fall.  Family trips, camping, spending quality time together just basking in the joy of finally having our little family.  Maeve has always been a happy, content baby. Up for anything as long as she felt she was part of the action.

At the six month mark my post pregnancy hormones started to take a dip.  Winter hit and I was faced with my normal seasonal low coming on.  Maeve was a teething machine from 4-9 months with the stretch from 6-9 being the hardest.  She was a terrible sleeper and everyone was tired and stressed.  Sleep training attempts failed, my patience was tested, i was not happy most of the time.  I didn’t feel like the mom I wanted to be or had previously been.  I was definitely suffering from some late PPD.  We worked through the challenges slowly and I focused on looking for the good aspects of each day. We gave sleep training a 3rd try.  This is when everything started to turn around.  Maeve was finally on a break from teething and everyone was emotionally strong enough to work on more independence at night time. She learned to crawl on New Year’s day.  She took her first steps at the beginning of March (10 months 7 days).  She has just been learning non stop since then and life is back on track.

These days I spend all of my time in awe of her. Everyday I wonder how I can live with aching love in my heart.  It’s hard to contain.  I feel like I am on the verge of tears (of love and happiness) at any given moment.

Maeve is such a happy baby and I hear wonderful things from everyone that meets and knows her.  She dances every time she hears music.  She hugs and kisses all of the other kids she meets.  She doesn’t need time to warm up to them, she just instantly loves every friend she meets. I get the most compliments on her personality from the ladies that watch her at the Y while I work out.  They just love her and it makes my heart very happy. She waves at everyone.  No matter what gender, colour, ability. Everyone is a good and a friend that is she happy to meet and interact with.  It warms my heart to see the pureness of her heart at this young age.  This is a quality you don’t see in most people and I hope this is a trait she will keep as she grows up.  She loves to clap and blow kiss.

The rate at which she is learning is staggering!  I know all parents are in awe of their children and are proud of everything they do but this child is honestly so smart.  She is curious and up to trying everything.  She watches you and instantly it’s her turn to try to do it too.

In the last week she has learned where her belly button is, where her toes are, how to tell us she is “all done” (sign language hand motions).  Just today she blew my mind when she was breastfeeding and then did the hand action of “all done”, unlatched, got down and started playing. WHAAA??!

We gave her a kitchen set for her birthday and she knows to get the pot – with the lid – the frying pan and utensils and she “stirs the pots and pans” on the stove top. HOW?!?! how can she have a toy for 8 hours and know this?  Yes, she watches me cook pretty much every meal from the high chair but that learning curve is STEEP people.

She “talks” all day.  This kid wants to talk so badly.  We are on pins and needles waiting to see what her actual first word(s) will be.  Right now, however, she is mimicking tones like crazy.  It is babble for sure but the formation of sounds are so much like words or short two or three word sentences.  I don’t really know how to describe it properly. It sounds like words but it’s not words.  You definitely do a double a take like, “that sounded like… this or that… didn’t it”?!  If you’re thinking were crazy, overly proud parents that are grasping at straws, we’re not the only people of have heard it. LOL.

These days the adventures are non stop and we continue to just be so grateful for IVF and the magic it was able to bring to our lives.   I am so happy we didn’t give up hope (although there were many MANY times I wanted to).  I am happy we persevered.   We had a vision of a family and we powered through many terrible days and we are now living the best days of our lives.


Sparkle & Shine

yesterday was Maeve’s first birthday and honestly guys, it was magical.

it was everything i wanted for her and more.  we stared the day with playing, dancing and kisses, a GIANT stack of pancakes and a party with our closest friends and family.  i got choked up a couple of times but held it together. chris admitted that he had to stop singing “happy birthday” because he got so choked up he was on the verge of tears. after all of the chaos was over and i reflected on the day and the year, the tears flowed pretty hard.

our “baby Maeve” is technically no longer a baby but she’ll always be our sweet baby in our hearts.

here is the decor from her “Sparkle & Shine” 1st birthday party