This is harder than I imagined

I can’t settle my thoughts enough to write much and it’s maeve’s bedtime but this is so hard. I know our choice. I know we are done. Finalizing it this way, though… Seeing it in front of me. No longer having the security of “maybe”. This is killing me right now.



Christmas 2018

Our day in Pictures 🙂

Santa got Maeve’s request for Frozen nail polish and my childhood “Aladdin” tiger was the hit of day. She calls her “Molly the Tiger” from a library book we took out months ago called “the lending zoo”. It made her so happy and that made us so happy. Her “big” gift was her art corner in the laundry room.  I was most excited about this and luckily she was pretty stoked about it as well. We spent a quiet day at home with my parents. Chris and Maeve took care of most of the Christmas dinner prep and I got a stew ready for boxing day lunch with Chris’ mom.

Another Christmas full of memories is in the books and I am already looking forward to Christmas 2018!