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I’ve decided to start a blog for my photography business. I need to keep things separate and easy for my clients but I want my old friends to continue to follow me on this new journey too!

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I am kind of over Cake Smashes

Cake Smashes are INSANELY popular to document the 1 year milestone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love icing covered toes as much as the next mama, but it’s just so over done.

That is why I did a “Strawberry Smash” for this little June baby.

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss S.


This Chef Garden session was amazing!

Just a few images from an incredible garden session I did last week with the beyond gorgeous Chef Lara.

I could just spend the whole day in this garden looking at all the amazing, fresh crops and finding endless treasures tucked here and there.

This is where my heart is.  Beautiful images, creative staging, helping professionals showcase their passion and build their media presence.

I am so excited about sharing this shoot that I am not even sorry that not all of these images have been edited.








My photography

I have been working on building up my technical skills and editing skills since last fall.  I am so happy with what I have learned. It has brought me back up to the standard of images that are being taken by professional photographers these days.

I have gotten a few jobs here an there, portraits, product photography, newborn stuff.  It’s been so great to have a camera in my hands again.  I was able to upgrade from my Nikon D5100 to the Nikon D750 and I still can’t believe I own it. I also can’t believe how BAD my old camera had gotten! It needs servicing for sure but I’m not into spending hundreds of dollars and an essentially obsolete device right now.

I have been saving up for a new lens and tomorrow I am finally getting the Tamron 24-70 mm 🙂 I currently only have one lens. A Nikkor 35mm f1.8. It is a crop lens so it acts as a 50mm on the D750. It’s a beautiful lens and I have been so happy with it.  My next big purchase is already on my mind, the Tamron 70-200mm.  Why oh why is this stuff so expensive?!

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Here are a few of my recent shots:




It’s a BOY!

Our beloved Tucker died at the end of last February at the age of 13.5.  It was sudden, in the middle of the night, and although it was peaceful, it was fairly traumatic.

I wanted another dog instantly.  Then I got over it.  Then I wanted one again.  This went on for 15 months.  Wanting and then being okay without.

We finally put in the paper work to donate our remaining embryos to research and I thought it would be a great weight lifted off me but unfortunately it just made things worse.

I am happy to say that I have finally come to terms with this decision and I am moving forward with a fairly final peaceful feeling about us being a family of 3 for good.

My husband did not want another dog and I respected that. We are a busy little family, we travel, we’re renovating the house. So I held off and kept my feelings to myself. Until about a month ago. I finally sat with all of the feelings that had been overwhelming me and evaluated all the things that were making me feel really sad.  Not having a dog was in my top 3. I told him that life holds certain joys for people and having a pet is a joy I want and need in my life. He listened and agreed that it wasn’t for him to tell me what joys I can and can not have in my life and he said yes to finding a new dog.

I had been looking for about 8 months off and on. Researching breeds and looking for litters.  I contacted a breeder that had a 7 month old PVGB for sale. They were going to breed him so they kept him but his little berries didn’t want to ripen lol so they had to sell him. Let me tell you, some breeders are just down right weird.  So after a brief exchange over email we stopped perusing that pup.

I was into the idea of a rescue so I looked on kijiji from time to time. So many beautiful dogs that people had no business adopting were posted and it was heart breaking seeing all of the high energy breeds that were 1 or 1.5 years old that people were trying to ditch because they didn’t want to put in the work it takes to take care of those types of dogs. I contacted a few rescues but none of them recommended the dogs for a family with a toddler.  I totally knew a rescue wasn’t in the cards.

A couple of weekends ago I was looking for postings for miniature schnauzers.  A tonne of my friends and their families have schnauzers and they are such good little dogs.  This led me down an internet rabbit hole and I soon found myself looking at a litter of Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.

Then I saw “him”.

I knew he would be our next dog instantly.  I had a name in mind and instantly I knew that he was our L…

I called the number. Found out we could see him that same day. Waited for Chris to get home from Home Depot. Showed him the pup and we were in the car and making the 2 hour road trip to see (a.k.a bring home) our baby boy.

When I told Maeve we were going to look at a boy puppy she instantly exclaimed “I’m going to be a big sister? I’m getting a baby brother!”

Done. Deal.

He was the biggest pup in the litter. The shyest, sweetest pup when we met him.  He’s been incredible from day 1. He never misses a meal or a treat lol He is 14.4 lbs at 12 weeks (up 2.5 lbs in one week!).  He nips like pups do but he has such a bond with Maeve already and she doesn’t get too upset when he accidentally bites too hard. Her maturity and understanding make me so proud.  3 is proving to be a great age for Maeve to be with a new pup. We could not have done this even 3 months ago.

I am not going to lie, there is A LOT of poop and pee going on around here haha. But the pros by far outweigh the cons. I am up and outside with him at least once a night but he sleeps out of the crate and doesn’t chew anything, he has learned to use a bell to tell us he wants outside during the day,  he knows his toys to chew instead of our shoes, he naps a tonne and does well in his crate during the day when I need to go out, he does amazing in the car when I can take him places with me, he keeps up with us on walks with Maeve on her bike, he loves everyone he meets and everyone loves him to bits.

So without further a do, I introduce to you  – LLOYD Christmas MacM

and yes, we are hardcore Dumb and Dumber fans!