Main Floor Bath Reno – Complete

It’s done! Weeeellllll there may be that last bit of trim that needs to be painted but I’m calling it anyway.  I’m so pleased with our renovated downstairs bathroom.  It’s better than I even planned it haha.  You plan for the big stuff – toilet, paint colour, sink, faucets, tub, tile.  I find, however, the things that make it special are the little things you find to decorate and really make it yours.

img_0654Bathroom overview

Towel hanger found in a secondhand shop in Queen West, Toronto, ON.  Hand towel – Style at Home Line, light pink – Sears.  Sink – Lowe’s.  Faucet – Ali Express.
Engineered hardwood.  Hickory.  Huston stain.  Home Depot.

American Standard.  Clean.  Tall seat. Short bowl.  Lowe’s.

Round marble tile.

The Extras 🙂

  Oil paintings that I have collected over the years at auctions, garage sales, antique malls.
I loved searching for a chandelier.  I had seen half a dozen that were okay but that moment you find “the one”, i just love it!  I found this at a local antique mall –Barrie Antiques Centre– $199

  A special gift made for Maeve by an old family friend

Mirror found at another local antique mall –Roadshow 400 Antique Mall– $125 .  Oh hey Ducky 😉

Cubby under the stairs.  Custom built by my husband.  IKEA hinges and press open mechanism.
 Antique wall sconce lights.  Found at an antique shop in Muskoka $20 each (rewired by us).

The paint colour is from Benjamin Moore – Aura Bath and Spa Paint – Opal.  $69.99 / Gal.  A beautiful, warm, creamy blush.  So fresh and feminine.
Candle wall sconce.  $20 for two. Only used one and put the other one in our master bedroom. Bow-chicka-wow-wow 😉

The “Golden Goose”!  LOVE this.  I didn’t really want a traditional, wall hanging toilet paper holder so when I found the goose I was so excited.  It is most likely a pot holder but now it has a new home and a new purpose.  Roadshow 400 Antique Mall. $65
The tub is original to the house.  I have always dreamed of having a gold tub so it was striped, grinded and spray painted by my husband. Gold Spray Paint – RONA – $7.49.

The little table and yellow glass goblet are also Roadshow 400 Antiques Mall finds.  As you can tell it is basically my second home.  Table – $45.  Glass goblet – $10.  The basket was a very thoughtful gift from my sister-in-law.  As was the glass candle holder (with lid).  She loves decorating just as much as me, and we really share a lot of similar tastes, so I was very excited when she picked out these gold accents to add in the room.
The cabinet above the toilet was an absolutely perfect mistake!  We did plan a cabinet above the toilet but we didn’t plan the width and depth.  We thought about just making a custom cabinet but with a little research we discovered that the space had the exact perfect dimensions to house a BOBDYN style cabinet from Ikea.  We opted to not put on a handle.

bathroom reno – “vanity” issues

who would have known a little sink and mirror could be so challenging?!  hahaha

so.  we found a mirror yesterday.

2015-09-09 10.25.55 2015-09-09 10.26.31

i am SUPER visual, so the bucket was our fill in for the sink so i could “see it” hahaha.

the sink was delivered about an hour later lol

2015-09-09 11.38.15

so now the great debate.  one light above the mirror? or sconce lights on either side?  the sink is wider than the bucket so i think sconce lights are an option but what’s best.  create a “vanity” area by adding width with light fixtures? or do i keep it all lean and tight?  the sink and mirror are no the only things along that wall.  the toilet will be coming off the back wall and facing in towards the sink.

bathroom reno – round 2

work has begun in our second bathroom!  there is still some stuff to do in the second level bathroom but it is just finishing touches so i gave the “okay” for focus to be shifted to the second reno hahaha (because i’m really the on in charge here …. hahaha).

i hadn’t really thought about actually ever getting to my bathroom (i’m soooo dramatic) so i hadn’t even thought about all the stuff i had to decide on and purchase in order for any of this to happen!

so last night i had a chance to sit down and pick some things out.  it’s a lot harder to find all the things you need in same colour and (somewhat of) the same style.  then you have to think about the “weight” of your items.  will solid, heavy fixtures, look good with a “light” simple mirror?  do you have then have to keep the lighting “light” to match the mirror?  does it all need to be “heavy” to stand up with each other?  sconce lights on either side of the mirror? do they hang upwards or downwards? or should you go with just one light above the mirror?

the biggest problem i have with this is i have to know ALL of it without seeing it together.  i have look at separate pieces online and then hope they actually go together in real life and order it sight unseen.  most people go to the big box hardware store, pick out some very nice things that all match up in and have a cohesive look. they end up with a normal, matching room when they are done. that would be too easy for us hahaha.  well, firstly, we have a small amount of space so “typical” things won’t work for us.  we need a wall mounted sink for space reasons.  then we have a very old claw foot tub that requires a very specific faucet system.  then on top of all that i don’t want silver.  no chrome.  no brushed nickel.  i’ll have none it!  i, of course, want antique brass hahaha.  that narrowed the choices pretty damn quick!   then good luck finding anything in a matching set in that finish…

so after my husband spent a all full day, no joke, all full fucking day online looking at things and me getting really frustrated with him and sitting down for a few hours last night, i now have a bunch of stuff headed my way from China and the U.S hahaha.

i really hope it all goes together.

now to figure out lighting and a mirror, like yesterday, because of course that all has to be chosen before the drywall can ever go up….


these are all for sure items

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download cbfc5a9032fc24d346363c6ec3a33d8e

these are the “will this fucking work?!” items

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we just decided that we’ll go to the antique market down the road today and see if we can find a mirror.  then i will for sure be able to make a decision on lighting 🙂

bathroom reno #1

we’re truckin’ away on bathroom number one.

chris is amazing in handling my OCD issues during renos.  he sealed himself in the upstairs bathroom and lowered buckets of debris down to me on the deck.  then i took that and dumped it in the trailer to go to the dump.  it was awesome!  we pretty much have to do it that way otherwise the whole house is coated in plaster dust.  if you don’t own an old home you will have no clue what it’s like working with plaster walls so i will tell you, IT’S FUCKING TERRIBLE!

we only have one full bathroom so he has to work around the existing tub while he puts in the shower but he planned everything so well, it’s working out perfectly.

last week we went to an area down south from us, Vaughan, and picked out all of our tile.  you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to choose tile. we looked all day and that’s even with a good idea of what we wanted to find. we found an incredible deal on marble and got it for $6.99 a sq/ft!  it’s not polished but since we’re using it in the bathroom and little feet will get it all wet, we like that for the non-slip factor. the last store was where we found everything else we needed.  we went with an unpolished dark grey marble for part of the border on the floor of the bathroom. we’re also using that tile for the floor of the shower.  it looks amazing when it gets wet and turns almost black.  we’ll be using 3×6 white, glossy subway tiles for the shower walls and also as the outer border on the floor.

DSC_0066 (Medium) DSC_0067 (Medium) DSC_0068 (Medium) DSC_0069 (Medium) DSC_0070 (Medium) DSC_0071 (Medium) DSC_0072 (Medium) DSC_0080 (Medium) DSC_0081 (Medium) DSC_0082 (Medium) DSC_0083 (Medium)

we found our vanity a while ago at an auction. this is where chris is going to install the sink and will alter the height and drawers a bit to customize it for the bathroom.  (the basin on it is not going to be the sink).

DSC_0086 (Medium)

this weekend at a local antique market we finally found “THE” mirror. it’s 4 feet long and will hang perfectly over the vanity 🙂

DSC_0077 (Medium) DSC_0078 (Medium) DSC_0079 (Medium)

Finger Lakes in 4 days

we’re in “final countdown” territory folks  🙂

4 more days and we’ll be hittin’ the road.  we drove to the city yesterday and i mentioned to my husband that i just love road trips.  it comes from our family trips all over the place as a kid.  every year we drove to florida for march break and i loved feeling the air getting warmer, seeing the landscapes change through each state.  pumping my arm in the air trying to get trucks to honk their loud horns for me hahaha (i’ve outgrown that one but i’ll definitely be teaching my kids how to do it someday!)

so far i’ve gotten the passports out of the sock drawers, printed out accommodation information for mom and ourselves.  this reminds me of when we crossed the border a couple of years ago on our trip to florida (once again) and the border guard asked where we were staying.  we told him “The Retirement Village” and he was like, “ya, but what’s the name of it?” and we had to tell him, “no, it’s actually called The Retirement Village”. it was hilarious because it’s such a stupid name for a condo community LOL.  i’ve gotten our money changed to USD.  mom surprised us with $60 American for a nice dinner.  i LOVE a great meal, don’t get me wrong, but most times i would rather spend money on an experience or something we can keep rather on something that we just turn into poop!  what? it’s true!!!

i also remembered a few more things i’m looking for specifically on our antique hunt –


embroidery rings


antique handkerchiefs (to go in the embroidery rings).


a globe


scrabble tiles (and boards)  this is more of a garage sale/secondhand shop find


church window frame (to turn into a mirror)

i have to remember to get chris’ golf shoes out and his golf glove.

i am really looking forward to the trip but i don’t really want to start sticking myself with needles, so i think this week will be a good combination to go by just fast enough  🙂

Finger Lakes in 7 days


we love antiques!

i’ve posted a lot of things we hope to do on our IVF-moon, yep, i’m calling it that.  the fertiles get their “babymoon” so i god damn get my IVF-moon.

anyway, i digress… of all the things we hope to do, checking out antique shops is BY FAR the most important, looked forward to activity for us.

there is the “bloomfield antique country mile” that my husband knows about from a bachelor party trip in the area last fall.  he didn’t get to check anything out on that trip, obviously, so we are very interested to check out the shops next weekend.

i found this site tonight  you can type in your route and then it pinpoints shops along the way.  it’s bedtime for me so i haven’t fully checked out the listings to see if they have websites but in any case it’s a cool tool.  i hope it proves useful!

since we are taking the versa, we won’t have a lot of room to work with in terms of purchasing any substantial furniture but we are looking for –


an interesting door knocker


a set of 4-6 botanical specimen prints, preferably framed

9-hunters-69 de-windstoot-the-gust

fox hunting or ship in storm paintings


an antique jewelry box


god knows what else we’ll end up with!  i can’t wait 🙂


finger lakes, here we come!

planning a getaway

i spoke with my husband about the feelings of desperation and depression i am having right now surrounding the start of our new round of IVF. i explained how i need something else to focus on other than it taking forever to get through each stage. i’m on day 5 of 16 days of birth control and am really struggling to keep my shit together knowing that i still have over 30 days to go with all this.

while we were making dinner i told him my dilemma. we discussed the fact that i usually have some sort of project on the go (he knows i’m a total busybody usually) but right now i don’t. i don’t have any furniture to refinish, no rooms to repaint or decorate, no gardening to work on, etc. i’m doing lots of little spring cleaning things and what not but nothing is really quite fitting the bill in terms of preoccupying my mind.

i confessed to him that i daydream that he’ll come home one day and say “honey, pack your bag, we’re going on a trip!”. my husband, however, is so practical, routine and quite frankly frugal that i know this is more of a fantasy.

so when he mentioned the may long weekend coming up and said, “lets do our new york trip now’ i nearly dropped the frying pan!

may 17-19 is the Victoria Day long weekend and the monday is a holiday. now that i have a different job that means i don’t have to be around to work  that day 🙂

so, we’re going to the finger lakes and he’s left all the plans to me. where to stay, what to see, where to eat.

so far i have booked one night at the Abner Adams House B&B in East Bloomfield  and one night at a private residence in Auburn (through  have any of you heard of airbnb?! it’s amazing.  i highly recommend you check it out.  my husband and i started a listing of our own last night actually!  if you’re ever in the innisfil/barrie area of ontario, come stay with us 🙂

we’re going to check out the antique shops along the Bloomfield Antique Mile.

probably fit in some golf, definitely a wine tasting (or three!)

this will give me time to think about something else while i finish out my BC pills.  i will finish them May 11th and will start my injections on the day we leave (May 16).

oh! while i’m thinking of it –


– get ice packs and cooler for transporting injectable drugs over the border during romantic pre-IVF vacation  BAHAHAHA