I am kind of over Cake Smashes

Cake Smashes are INSANELY popular to document the 1 year milestone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love icing covered toes as much as the next mama, but it’s just so over done.

That is why I did a “Strawberry Smash” for this little June baby.

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss S.



She’s almost 3

One month until Maeve’s superhero 3rd birthday party.

She created a superhero called ” Maeve Thunderstruck Superhero”. She hits her drum and freezes the bad guys. I found a guy online that creates custom comic artwork and VIOLA!

Sparkle & Shine

yesterday was Maeve’s first birthday and honestly guys, it was magical.

it was everything i wanted for her and more.  we stared the day with playing, dancing and kisses, a GIANT stack of pancakes and a party with our closest friends and family.  i got choked up a couple of times but held it together. chris admitted that he had to stop singing “happy birthday” because he got so choked up he was on the verge of tears. after all of the chaos was over and i reflected on the day and the year, the tears flowed pretty hard.

our “baby Maeve” is technically no longer a baby but she’ll always be our sweet baby in our hearts.

here is the decor from her “Sparkle & Shine” 1st birthday party