Is it Christmas yet?

Christmas Minis with Bob the Boler this weekend meant I could sneak in my own family shots and I am SO excited for Christmas now!


a busy month

we’ve been BUSY!

chris is back to work in just a couple of weeks and we are making the most of the end of his parental leave.

we have been so fortunate to be off and taking care of Maeve together for the past 5 and half months.  there have been ups and downs.  couples aren’t supposed to spend that much time together sometimes haha but at the end of the day it has been wonderful.  we have been able to live like we’re retired and do whatever we feel like at the drop of a hat and wow, how freeing that has been!

we’re almost finished the second bathroom.  chris tiled and grouted over the past few days.  i painted today and he is working on the flooring as i am typing.  update photos to come 🙂

we did fall camping for the first time in Algonquin Park last week.  we had a micro furnace in the boler and it was amazing.  i was too hot at times!  the temperature and weather was perfect for hiking. the day we left the park the sun came out and we got some awesome photos of the fall colours.

Maeve just broke her second tooth two days ago.  teething is kind of crazy in that she can only make it through the night by suckling on me.  those nights are looooong.  thank goodness it only took 3 nights this time.

We went to the apple orchard and took some photos.  fuck this kid is cute.

i won an ipad mini! our town had a photo scavenger hunt contest this summer. i downloaded the app in june and the contest ended on the monday of the labour day weekend.  i did all of my photos, 30 of them, on the last day haha my name was put in a draw with the other people that participated and lucky me, my name was drawn.  i got a gold ipad mini 4 16 GB.  so so sweet.

i am currently surrounded by piles and piles of 6-12 month clothing.  my SIL has given all of the clothes she had saved from her 3 girls.  as we reached each new age bracket a bucket gets handed over.  it’s absolutely amazing. being the last to have a baby has actually paid off LOL

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