keeping going friends. you CAN do it!!!

keeping going friends. you CAN do it!!!

i’m just in tears with this story.  watch the video near the end of the page.

keeping going friends.  determination, optimism, perseverance.  you CAN do it!!!



painkillers are a life saver

i do NOT like to take medications.  i think i have a pretty high pain tolerance actually.  even after my surgeries i had bottles of painkillers sitting in the cabinet that i just didn’t need to take.

after the past 5 days, i have to say, thank goodness for strong pain medication!

woo-wee.  i didn’t know i could have pain like i’ve had. it turns out i now i have 3 cysts on the same ovary and they are wreaking havoc on everything anywhere near them.

i have been avoiding fluids like crazy because i feel like i’m going to die anytime i pee.

finally my ultrasound results were bad enough for them to take notice and luckily the dr. in the e.r finally believed me about the amount of pain i’m in and i have an appointment with a specialist.  it’s amazing though.  i am in an intense amount of pain and still i have to wait 5 days to see a specialist…

oh well.  i just want to get things looked after because i am a crazy person and even though my body seems to be slowly falling apart, i will be getting those embryos put into my uterus this cycle so help me god.