Practicing Painterly

I love to take pictures and I love to edit them just as much.

Today Chris took Maeve to do errands for the afternoon. After doing laundry and washing windows for an hour I took a break to do what I actually like doing instead 😉

This is following the “Painterly” style as taught by Shannon Squires from

My model was not as thrilled about the arrival of this new unicorn dress as I was and this is literally the only image she let me capture.

Seeing as she lives with me and works for free, I made it work 😉


custom nursery art

i am so happy i learned how to use photoshop years ago.  i have done so many projects using that software i couldn’t even begin to think about what i would have missed out on doing if i didn’t have it.  i recently did a custom artwork for baby girl’s nursery. i used the colour tool to pick out colours from the rug in her room.  i am happy with the way it turned out.

S&S stroke resized

now i just need the moola for an upgraded software program so i can have more fun with all the photos i am going to be taking of her.  i have had creative suite 5.5 on my “want list” for about 4 years now hahaha.  push present?!