back to work, back to keeping busy

today was my first day back to work.  5:45 alarm wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be but i still snoozed 3 times hehehe.

it’s good to be back to work.  we’re planning our quarterly (and end of year) parent meeting/fun night for thursday so that will be very time consuming this week.  we will be making fishing rods out of sticks and “catching” fish with magnets, making kites, having a water balloon toss, playing with the giant parachute.  we’re going to try our first attempt at “cloud dough” and we’re going to dye it with jello packs.  we’re going decorate cupcakes and have a scavenger hunt.  all this in a two hour time span but what i’ve learned (or been reminded of) working in child care – kids can do A LOT in short amount time! haha  little buggers 😉  thank goodness for PINTEREST!!!

i have 2 weeks of work and then it’s summer vacation.  i feel so weird about this.  i am sure my husband will love to continue to not have to do any housework and i know he loves having dinner looked after every night.  i just feel weird that i won’t be working and he’s still got to get up on a beautiful, sunny day and go sit in a windowless office all day.  i feel kind of guilty that he allows me to have a carefree job and make less money doing it and he doesn’t resent it…  to be honest, i am sure if the shoe was on the other foot i would probably be pretty jealous.  he has talked about shifting gears and taking a new career path someday so i hope i will be able to look back on these days that he’s giving me and support him as thoroughly as he has supported me.

we’re also on with other life projects and we’re getting back into the real estate game!  we’ve shifted gears and are now looking at newer homes with less renovations to have as a income property.  we have 5 to look at on wednesday.  nothing keeps your mind busy like checking out houses!  

i think that acquiring a rental property will really help to give these last few years a different meaning.  no, we don’t have children yet and the pain of that is still very real but it means we are able to make a great investment towards our future.  we are in the position to achieve something most 31 year olds can’t – owning TWO homes.  i haven’t believed in this saying for a while now but we’re going to try and make “everything happens for a reason” work for us.


stopping kids from being kids and letting kids be kids

working in child care is learning experience to say the least!

kids are fun, wild, creative and caring.

i am pretty good with the fun, creative and caring parts but the wild aspect is definitely a challenge.  i am a 31 year old women and in 3 weeks i have had my co-worker stand up for me several times to a bunch 4-12 year olds hahaha.

i am realizing things can go south/crazy in an instant.  talking calmly and asking them to quiet down doesn’t seem to cut it.  i have to learn how to use my “teacher” voice and sound authoritative.  that is A LOT harder than it sounds folks!

i am learning some techniques.  things to say, rhymes and clapping rhythms that are designed to get the kids attention and get them to pay attention.  i’ll see how good i am at this the next time they start to get out of control.

this is also a challenge because i don’t necessarily see situations the same  as my co-worker.  she is a teacher at heart. she is the adult and commands respect and order at all times.  to me this seems like nagging and correcting and scolding all day long.  my style is to be a little more care free.  i like to be enthusiastic about their stories and activities and i love a little cuddle time.

this is why i was totally taken aback this morning when i had two kids resting on my sides during carpet time and my co-worker yelled at them to sit up and stop acting like babies….


i am not sure how to address this issue?  i don’t have the kids hanging off me and acting like babies all the time (and by no means is a child resting themselves on you in any way acting like a baby).  they like a couple of minutes of comfort and caring and then we go on with activities.   how do i tell my co-worker, “i want them to feel comfortable and loved and if they want to cuddle with me they are going to cuddle with me and keep your mouth shut!” hahaha.  i get the order and manners and all that but part of the problem is she needs control at all times.  in my opinion she too much of a tight ass.  she’s technically my boss and has been doing this way longer than me so how do i nicely let her know she’s too hard on the kids at times?

i think i’ll have to do some ego stroking.  maybe i’ll approach the subject naively and act a little clueless about approaching the issues as a “new staff member”.  i’ll get her interpretation of the situation and then i’ll sneak in my feelings towards them.  maybe i’ll bring up a new approach that we can work together to achieve? 

we’ll see how it goes. if nothing else changes i’ll at least make it clear that i like the kids cuddling at times and i will not making them stop for her sake.