Halloween Queen

I LOVE Halloween, ya’ll!

As I had a bunch of free time today I did another artistic edit with an old studio test shot I had of Maeve.

DSC_6834.maevehalloweenedit.beforeDSC_6834.maevehalloweenedit copy


little pumpkin

at school yesterday the kids were able to wear their halloween costumes for the day so we dressed up a little too.  a $3 witch hat and some “spooky tights” and viola!  Witchy Woman haha.  a mom came in and said, “i see you’re showing your halloween spirit and you seem to be showing something else!”.  i hadn’t even looked at myself before i left the house (at 6 a.m. my eyes are barely open hahaha).  i took a look at my reflection in window and sure enough, my little pumpkin was there xox.

2014-10-31 17.59.13 (Medium)