I am kind of over Cake Smashes

Cake Smashes are INSANELY popular to document the 1 year milestone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love icing covered toes as much as the next mama, but it’s just so over done.

That is why I did a “Strawberry Smash” for this little June baby.

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss S.


June – National Safety Month

it’s the first day of summer?! (but i’m not even done my spring cleaning yet!).

having a baby may make you relax on the house chores but it will sure send your protective, safety concerns into overdrive.

i am much more concerned with what we eat and what is in the products i purchase nowadays, especially the ones that i use for maeve.

i have also turned a lot of my concern to how safe our house is.  it turns out that june is national safety month so this is the perfect time get out the check list and cover all my bases.

the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance makes it their mission to help raise awareness surrounding all sorts of safety issue but also they make sure that we are aware of lesser known dangers we might overlook like asbestos which can lead to a devastating cancer called mesothelioma.  You can get more information on this here.  we live in a home that is over 100 years old so this was a HUGE concern for us when we were purchasing and thinking about living here and raising our children.  luckily the house is asbestos and lead-based paint free but a lot of structures built before 1980 are still at risk for having these dangerous materials present.

i have checked the smoke alarms and changed the batteries and tested the carbon monoxide detector.  we just bought a camping trailer with a stove so i am purchasing a fire extinguisher to have at the ready.  thinking of that, i checked the one we keep in our kitchen and it is still good for a couple of more years.

there so many things we can check and do to make our lives a little safer but here is a short check list of other things you can check off your “spring cleaning” list to help keep you and your family safe 🙂

– checking the dryer lint trap hits home big time for me as a good friend’s family lost their home and beloved family dog to a terrible fire that started in the lint trap!!

Summer Safety in the Home