RAWR – She’s 4!

Maeve’s birthday is still 9 days from now, but with Easter and another family get together the weekend after, we decided to have her birthday party yesterday.

4 years old. This one stings a bit. She’s getting bigger physically, mentally and emotionally and she’s clearly not a little one that needs us so much anymore.  The door is officially closed on a second child and we’re all on with life and it’s proving to be going faster and faster with every year.  She’ll be starting JK in just over 4 months?!

Saying Maeve is creative and imaginative is an understatement. You just TRY and get her away from her craft table if she’s working on a master piece, and several oft those are made each day and usually before noon! She still deeply loves music and singing and “Hey Google, Play the Into the Woods soundtrack” is one of her favourite sentences LOL.  She makes up her own songs about daily life and these can rival dozen minute long Queen ballads. She is just as bit as stubborn and independent as she’s ever been and this wears me out to no end. I am slowly coming along to understanding that this is life with her. I keep trucking with teaching her life lessons and make sure her actions stay “non-life threatening” but other than that, this girl knows what she wants and pretty much knows how to make it happen by herself and I know she’s a good kid with a kind heart and we’re ARE all going to be okay hahaha

She’s 34 lbs and 40 inches tall. She love and excels at gymnastics. She has requested swimming lessons and we’ve got to get her signed up for soccer or ball hockey this summer. She loves numbers and adding and counting to 100. Slime is 1000% her new jam. She is funny as hell. Her little voice, natural inflection, delivery and timing kills us daily. She loves when people laugh at her. She stands in the spotlight with ease and soaks it all up. She is kind and compassionate and I am seeing that what we have been doing, in terms of parenting, IS actually working for her hahaha and she is just one fucking awesome little person. We are often at our wits ends but we are also so proud of her everyday.

We had a “Roar I’m Four” theme this year and this Triceratops loving little girl was in absolute heaven all day long xox


when the dog bites, when the bee stings

when we have unimaginable heartache in our lives it hard to think of anything good.

i have been focusing on seeing all the good and remembering that i did have a fulfilling, happy life before trying for a baby.

my happiness

– walks with my tucky-bear (my dog) – he has a bounce in his step and i swear a smile on his face when he’s out “exploring”.  he roots down his nose and storms through the tall grass and my heart swells because his happiness is so genuine.

– hanging out with my girlfriends that i’ve had since public school.  we have grown up and at times grown apart but we always grow back together.  we talk about anything, everything, nothing. it’s a time to figure out life and realize we have nothing figured out and learn to except that we never will! hahaha

– taking photographs.   i love taking photos.  especially instagram photos 🙂  i love to see what people are doing, where they are, where they are heading.  i love seeing their photos of food! i have a friend that is an up and coming Canadian chef. his food is wild! pig heads and lamb bellies… don’t know if i could ever eat it hahaha but he’s doing incredible things with food and i love to see it. 

– nature.  it’s everywhere. it’s bigger than we will ever be and half the time we don’t even see it.  i always take time to see it.