RAWR – She’s 4!

Maeve’s birthday is still 9 days from now, but with Easter and another family get together the weekend after, we decided to have her birthday party yesterday.

4 years old. This one stings a bit. She’s getting bigger physically, mentally and emotionally and she’s clearly not a little one that needs us so much anymore.  The door is officially closed on a second child and we’re all on with life and it’s proving to be going faster and faster with every year.  She’ll be starting JK in just over 4 months?!

Saying Maeve is creative and imaginative is an understatement. You just TRY and get her away from her craft table if she’s working on a master piece, and several oft those are made each day and usually before noon! She still deeply loves music and singing and “Hey Google, Play the Into the Woods soundtrack” is one of her favourite sentences LOL.  She makes up her own songs about daily life and these can rival dozen minute long Queen ballads. She is just as bit as stubborn and independent as she’s ever been and this wears me out to no end. I am slowly coming along to understanding that this is life with her. I keep trucking with teaching her life lessons and make sure her actions stay “non-life threatening” but other than that, this girl knows what she wants and pretty much knows how to make it happen by herself and I know she’s a good kid with a kind heart and we’re ARE all going to be okay hahaha

She’s 34 lbs and 40 inches tall. She love and excels at gymnastics. She has requested swimming lessons and we’ve got to get her signed up for soccer or ball hockey this summer. She loves numbers and adding and counting to 100. Slime is 1000% her new jam. She is funny as hell. Her little voice, natural inflection, delivery and timing kills us daily. She loves when people laugh at her. She stands in the spotlight with ease and soaks it all up. She is kind and compassionate and I am seeing that what we have been doing, in terms of parenting, IS actually working for her hahaha and she is just one fucking awesome little person. We are often at our wits ends but we are also so proud of her everyday.

We had a “Roar I’m Four” theme this year and this Triceratops loving little girl was in absolute heaven all day long xox


Sparkle & Shine

yesterday was Maeve’s first birthday and honestly guys, it was magical.

it was everything i wanted for her and more.  we stared the day with playing, dancing and kisses, a GIANT stack of pancakes and a party with our closest friends and family.  i got choked up a couple of times but held it together. chris admitted that he had to stop singing “happy birthday” because he got so choked up he was on the verge of tears. after all of the chaos was over and i reflected on the day and the year, the tears flowed pretty hard.

our “baby Maeve” is technically no longer a baby but she’ll always be our sweet baby in our hearts.

here is the decor from her “Sparkle & Shine” 1st birthday party


1st Birthday

i know it will be here before i know it so, instead of fighting it, i’ve jumped feet first into planning little pigeon’s 1st birthday 🙂

that sentence makes my heart ache to go back to the day she was born and do it ALL over again but it also makes me so excited that our sweet little babe has come so far and is becoming such an amazing little person.

i was flip flopping between colour schemes and themes.  teal and coral? outdoors/camping? springtime? silver and purple? rubber duckies?

i was going CRAZY and so i just made a choice.  PINK AND GOLD.

i’m still not sure which invite wording to go with.  what style?  we’re only having family and a couple of mom’s (and husbands) that have been my rocks this first year and their little babes have turned into Maeve’s first best friends.  so that means i only need 6 invites and will mostly likely just send it out as an email.


FOOD! – the best part of every party 🙂  i want to have some fun foods that tie in the theme but i don’t just want a whole table full of sweets.  in any case, these few items looks fun and super easy to make.


DECOR – i love party decor!  all the little details coming together to make one big, beautiful picture.  however, the way our house is set up i can’t have one main focal point but i can have a few mini set-ups to have all the fun elements i want to have.

  • gold confetti
  • balloons floating above us
  • using up that left over gold paint from the bathtub 🙂 to make some beautiful flower vases
  • a photo garland with all of our favourite photos from Maeve’s first year
  • a gold runner on the main table
  • a “ONE” banner for the birthday girl’s throne 🙂
  • fun colourful confetti garlands.  cut with heart shapes because i already have that punch cutter
  • balloons filled with glitter because… why not?!

ART – i love incorporating a little bit of artwork onto a party table and i think these are totally do able.  the eggs filled with paint could be a fun activity for all the nieces and other family members to play around with and make a special piece of artwork for Maeve’s bed room when she moves out of the nursery.


THE OUTFIT – man, this one is hard!  i don’t know why but of all the elements of Maeve’s first birthday i am most stressed, for lack of a better word, about Maeve’s outfit.  wtf? LOL i have found myself spending so much time searching etsy shops for the right onesie.  do i just get a “1”?  in pink? in gold? or should it be a 1 and her name? then i think, nah, not a onesie!  she’s got to have a sweet little dress or outfit.  she’s our big girl now.  it’s going to get completely ruined once she digs into her first chocolate cake so why the hell do i care so much? hahaha