no work and no play has made shannon a crazy pent up loon! so i’m outta here for the weekend 🙂

luckily i’m the one driving the car and it’s a good thing i am because i would most definitely have ended up being the woman on the hood otherwise!

have a good weekend everyone. hope it’s the weekly “escape” you were hoping for


Meditation Challenge

Meditation Challenge

i am not one for yoga, meditation, focusing, sitting still, paying attention… you see where i’m going with this.

but the thing is, i’ve never tried to see if i’m for it.

i just think i know i can’t do this sitting still, not doing anything thing.

a friend is that is very good at the sitting still thing just posted this link on her FB page. 

today it spoke to me.  maybe because i’m not working and sitting at home going stir crazy or maybe because it’s just the thing i need to try in my life.

i just did day two and i know i didn’t have to “come back to my body” when deepak told me to (i never left), but maybe something happened that i don’t know yet.  i do know i came to some realizations about certain situations in my life right now.  instead of focusing on what i’m not getting out of some experiences and holding a grudge towards what others are getting out it, i realize that i AM getting good things too.  i just need to shift my mindset and see it from a different angle.

maybe you won’t be able to sit still, or perhaps it’s just what you needed too.  in any case.  take it and see what happens.