oh brother

my brother and his wife are officially living in Ontario.

i was in the city friday night for my monthly “Society of Beer Drinking Ladies” event and knew they were moving in to their new place on saturday.  i knew if i called and asked if i could come over or if i could and help my brother would say no.  he is a worrier and a planner.  so he would have had an idea of exactly how the day was going to go (this would have been planned in his mind weeks in advance). so me calling and asking to come over would have thrown off his plans and he would have made up excuses and been negative about me stopping in. so i didn’t call and just showed up unannounced.

it was a good thing i trusted my instincts (and my heart screaming at me that i had to go see my nieces) because they were all near the end of their ropes and i ended up actually being a bit of a life saver at that moment.

i took the girls and played in another room while they got both of their cribs put together and their rooms organized. i helped them get their bedroom in order and while they fed the girls i went out and got dinner and wine.

when the girls were bathed and put to bed we sat and ate and my brother expressed his gratitude for my help.  it was a really nice feeling to have him acknowledge that my presence was helpful.

my brother has been living outside of the province for a long time. he has learned to just do things his way and thinks more people make more problems.  in some cases this is true but i think my presence yesterday may be a start to him realizing that family is a thing that is there to love, support and help you.  it’s not a hindrance or an annoyance.

conversations you never thought you’d have with your big bro

bro 36 – me almost 31 😉

hey – hey

i tried calling you yesterday – ya i saw that, i was a total sleep zombie so i was going to call you back tonight.

mom told me you’d probably be pretty out of it – oh ya.  total mess.

are you okay? are you feeling better now? – ya now that the “monster” problem is over i feel a lot better. i am still in pain though.

that’s not good. what’s going on moving forward? – well time for the “TMI” part of the conversation.  i finally started my period today.

sweet. that’s awesome! – ya, we’re pretty excited.

so like a few weeks and then go time?  keep me posted – ya. it’s pretty crazy. i will.

k well i’m going to get going here, i’m home now. love you – love you too.