Main Floor Bath Reno – Complete

It’s done! Weeeellllll there may be that last bit of trim that needs to be painted but I’m calling it anyway.  I’m so pleased with our renovated downstairs bathroom.  It’s better than I even planned it haha.  You plan for the big stuff – toilet, paint colour, sink, faucets, tub, tile.  I find, however, the things that make it special are the little things you find to decorate and really make it yours.

img_0654Bathroom overview

Towel hanger found in a secondhand shop in Queen West, Toronto, ON.  Hand towel – Style at Home Line, light pink – Sears.  Sink – Lowe’s.  Faucet – Ali Express.
Engineered hardwood.  Hickory.  Huston stain.  Home Depot.

American Standard.  Clean.  Tall seat. Short bowl.  Lowe’s.

Round marble tile.

The Extras 🙂

  Oil paintings that I have collected over the years at auctions, garage sales, antique malls.
I loved searching for a chandelier.  I had seen half a dozen that were okay but that moment you find “the one”, i just love it!  I found this at a local antique mall –Barrie Antiques Centre– $199

  A special gift made for Maeve by an old family friend

Mirror found at another local antique mall –Roadshow 400 Antique Mall– $125 .  Oh hey Ducky 😉

Cubby under the stairs.  Custom built by my husband.  IKEA hinges and press open mechanism.
 Antique wall sconce lights.  Found at an antique shop in Muskoka $20 each (rewired by us).

The paint colour is from Benjamin Moore – Aura Bath and Spa Paint – Opal.  $69.99 / Gal.  A beautiful, warm, creamy blush.  So fresh and feminine.
Candle wall sconce.  $20 for two. Only used one and put the other one in our master bedroom. Bow-chicka-wow-wow 😉

The “Golden Goose”!  LOVE this.  I didn’t really want a traditional, wall hanging toilet paper holder so when I found the goose I was so excited.  It is most likely a pot holder but now it has a new home and a new purpose.  Roadshow 400 Antique Mall. $65
The tub is original to the house.  I have always dreamed of having a gold tub so it was striped, grinded and spray painted by my husband. Gold Spray Paint – RONA – $7.49.

The little table and yellow glass goblet are also Roadshow 400 Antiques Mall finds.  As you can tell it is basically my second home.  Table – $45.  Glass goblet – $10.  The basket was a very thoughtful gift from my sister-in-law.  As was the glass candle holder (with lid).  She loves decorating just as much as me, and we really share a lot of similar tastes, so I was very excited when she picked out these gold accents to add in the room.
The cabinet above the toilet was an absolutely perfect mistake!  We did plan a cabinet above the toilet but we didn’t plan the width and depth.  We thought about just making a custom cabinet but with a little research we discovered that the space had the exact perfect dimensions to house a BOBDYN style cabinet from Ikea.  We opted to not put on a handle.