prayers, good vibes and positive thoughts please

after a few years of trying my  girlfriend and her husband are having twin girls 🙂 i think of her and the babies all the time but a couple of nights ago i felt totally overwhelming with a feeling that i must text her and let her know i am thinking of her.

today i got a message that made my heart just sink.

she is having complications and is now on bed rest. she can’t leave the house unless it’s for an appointment. she didn’t share specifically what is going on but it’s not good. she is a former NICU nurse and knows all of the horrors that can go along with premature babies. i know she must just be a mess right now.  as there isn’t really much i can do for her physically i am trying to to what i can mentally and i am asking for your help.

she ended her text with “i appreciate all good thoughts that people can send my way”.

please keep Maria and her precious babies in your prayers and send any positive thoughts you can out to the universe to make their way to her and her babies.