Merry Christmas 2018

Another year is coming to an end and that means it was another year of barely blogging haha.  I won’t ever close my blog though, that’s for darn sure!

From my little family to yours, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2019!



Is it Christmas yet?

Christmas Minis with Bob the Boler this weekend meant I could sneak in my own family shots and I am SO excited for Christmas now!


It’s Apple Orchard Season

It was 30 degrees and every bit still summer but Maeve was a trooper and wore her “fall outfit” to the apple orchard. Not because I forced her but because it was a new outfit and that meant she just HAD to wear it.  Kids are so awesome. And I am now fully convinced also don’t feel things the same way us adults do.  Long sleeves AND a VEST in 30+ degrees with ZERO complaints? Common.


First Day of School

Maeve is back for her second year in the CASA classroom at Montessori. I guess technically it is pre-school. So wild to think she’ll be in JK next year! Right now the plan is keep her at Montessori 2 or 3 days a week for her JK year and also take her to her regular JK class at our local elementary school on the other days. She is still just 2 days a week at Montessori and she is on a wait list to be bumped up to 3 days. I was told this will not happen during this school year, which honestly was a little disappointing but the best for bank account as the moment.  It was a pretty uneventful lead up to the first day this year. She knows her school and teachers and it wasn’t her “first day” of ever going to school so we really didn’t talk about going back to build the excitement or get her used to the idea. She is super easy going and doesn’t need to be prepared for days that are out of the ordinary which it made it very easy as well.  I did decide last minute (as all my mommy ideas are usually planned) to set up a little “When I Grow Up” session in the backyard before we took her to school.

Right now Maeve wants to be  – “a doctor for peoplemen, not animals, so I can take you (her dad and I) to work with me and take care of you and help make you feel better”.


Work hard, DREAM BIG!



Maeve is 2

our wild little sweetie is 2.

i can totally believe it and not believe it, if that makes any sense?

maeve is totally wild and stubborn and challenges us on many, many things but she is equally as loving and thoughtful and kind and i feel like my heart could explode many times in the day.

her new thing now is whenever she has to leave the room, even if she is just going to the next room to get a toy or go up stairs to get dressed with daddy, she has to come give me a “nice kiss” a “nice hug” and tell me “see you soon mommy!”.  i could just die every time. i never want her to stop doing this.

she likes to talk about emotions.  she will say “mommy so happy”  or  “daddy so happy” when we’re doing different things throughout the day.  she started saying “maeve so sad” and making a sad face recently and i didn’t know why she would be saying this at first.  i would tell her i don’t want her to be sad and would give her a kiss and hug to help her feel happy. then i realized she got Scout for her birthday and he says “i’m sad, i need a hug”.  she was saying this so she could get extra hugs and snuggles. once we called her out on it she got a sheepish grin on her face and nodded that that is exactly what she was doing.  what a girl! LOL

she loves to sing!  wheels on the bus, old mcdonald, twinkle twinkle, rock a bye baby are her number ones.  she is starting say chunks of the alphabet song and “la las” the parts she is not sure about. she is counting 1-10 and is starting to say 11, 12, 13, 14.  she is on a kick with just saying 2, 3, 6 all the time. not sure what it means but it is definitely an important combo for her right now haha.

she is doing ballet and gymnastics and going to “school” (montessori) two days a week. she is growing up so much and we are so proud of her.

she is stubborn and challenging.  she knows how to get what she wants but not in a bratty way (yet!).  she just knows if she asks we’re likely to let her do things because, hey, why not! we only have her.  her favourite is “MAEVE COMING!” she wants in on the action at all times. and really, unless it completely unsafe, which it never is, why can’t she be coming along?  she loves to help daddy  do “fixing”. just give her the measuring tape and screw driver and she thinks she is doing the job herself.

at school she loves playing outside (obvi!), doing sorting games, playing at the pouring station and playing in the discovery bin.  she does cutting in the kitchen station and loves to  hug her friends and teachers.  she has always been so affectionate. i love this quality about her. everyone is a friend.

her birthday was a “Rock Star” party and she had an absolute blast!  we built a stage and got her a little drum set.  she was rocking out HARD all day and was so amazing at sharing her things with all of her friends and cousins.  it was over a week ago and she still says “maeve a rock star”, “mommy a rock star”. we do concerts everyday and she loves when i sing in the microphone. she keeps saying “maeve birthday coming up soon” and gets so sad when i tell her that her birthday has passed. she wants to have another party! takes after her mommy!

we could not be more proud of the little person she has become.  she is destined for great things and i can’t believe i get to be her mom and join her on her journey through life.

13 months

maeve is a couple of days over 13 months.

this past month has been full of love and so fun BUT also full of frustration and at times anger.

maeve is a smart little cookie and is learning many ways to express herself and let us know what she wants (or doesn’t want).  She signs for all done, more, food, give.  this is amazing and has been so so helpful in understanding her and communicating with her.

she also learned to wag her finger in a “no” response and have little laying on the floor temper tantrums.  although pretty funny, it was a little alarming that she learned these actions so young.  i have never wagged a finger at her.  my husband, however, does use this gesture and i didn’t no know this until just a couple of days ago…. sigh. the finger wagging and tantrums were also followed with slapping and biting.  we have absolutely NEVER slapped her!  so this was all just her testing out her different forms of communicating and testing limits.

the slapping and biting was HARD to deal with guys.  so hard because you can’t make them stop.  i actually did a couple of time outs on the stair.  not because i thought she would understand the time out but to separate her from the situation and get her out of the aggressive state she was in.

i am happy to say that she has stopped her finger wagging and biting the past two days.  i am now getting so many hugs and cuddles it’s crazy.  they know how to take you right the absolute brink and then wrangle you right back in.  i better get used to this! hahahaha

she is starting to say “words” now.  she calls me “may-me” and “ma ma”. we give her water in her bottle and she asks for “wa wa”.  she started saying “uh-oh” this week and it is so cute. we ask her if she wants to eat and she will either shake her head “no” or she will walk towards the kitchen pointing at her mouth.  we can present her with different things and ask her if she’d like it and she will open and close her hands in a “give me” gesture or will shake her head no.

She loves to come up behind me  and “push me over”, then she climbs on my back for a piggy back ride. she climbs up the stairs of her little slide and goes down all by herself. she is so proud when she reaches the bottom and she has a big, goofy grin.  god i love it!

she loves her little snack container where she can put her hand in and get her cheerios. she loves drinking out of a bottle with a straw. you can just see that is so proud to be so grown up.

she reaches out to complete strangers to be held.  it’s is scary in a way that she would go to anyone but also very cute and it makes people so happy. she brings a lot of joy to people and it just makes me so happy to see it.

she is really into books and her little motorized cat and dog. she will pick up these items and give them to me and then back herself up to sit in my lap and play with them or read. i looooooove this.

she has a little car for riding in a outside and there is a handle so that i can use to push it. when we go for walks this is her fav mode of transportation.  she waves to all the cars and people she sees on our walks.  such a friendly girl.

we got her over sized magnets for the fridge and she loves walking around just holding them.  one day she had 5 of them with her hahaha.  i have a feeling when she’s older and told to pick “just one thing” she will have a very hard time doing that haha.

this morning i said we had to change her diaper and for the first time she walked to the ottoman where i change her and patted it like “get me up here”.  proud moment.

so so many things she loves to do but she’s up from her nap now so we’ll leave it here for now 🙂


they are waiting for us

i was in toronto to meet my girlfriends for the day and when it was time to drive home from the heart of downtown i just headed north. i didn’t care how i got to the 4oo i was just due north.

maybe it was my subconscious controlling the wheel but i ended up driving right past our fertility clinic.

as i got closer i had butterflies in my tummy.  the feeling was excitement when i saw the big 250 (the street number plastered all over the exterior).  there wasn’t one negative feeling inside of me this time when i saw this place.

i was filled with the strangest feeling that i don’t think i have ever had before or ever will have towards anything else in this life. it was a feeling of intense longing.  almost a “home sick” feeling.  like i was missing something.  no, more like i was was missing SOMEONE. someone that i don’t even know and i was deeply saddened that they weren’t with me in that moment.

our potential future child(ren) are in that building.  pieces of our hearts are right up there on the 7th floor.


12 months

Maeve is one year and 3 days old today.

It is incredible to look back on pictures and video of her in her first few days of life.  How incredible to see how much a child grows, changes and learns in such a short amount of time.

I most certainly miss my tiny little baby girl.  So new, fresh, sweet, innocent.  Those early months were truly just filled with pure love and happiness.  I was euphoric. We made so many memories this summer and fall.  Family trips, camping, spending quality time together just basking in the joy of finally having our little family.  Maeve has always been a happy, content baby. Up for anything as long as she felt she was part of the action.

At the six month mark my post pregnancy hormones started to take a dip.  Winter hit and I was faced with my normal seasonal low coming on.  Maeve was a teething machine from 4-9 months with the stretch from 6-9 being the hardest.  She was a terrible sleeper and everyone was tired and stressed.  Sleep training attempts failed, my patience was tested, i was not happy most of the time.  I didn’t feel like the mom I wanted to be or had previously been.  I was definitely suffering from some late PPD.  We worked through the challenges slowly and I focused on looking for the good aspects of each day. We gave sleep training a 3rd try.  This is when everything started to turn around.  Maeve was finally on a break from teething and everyone was emotionally strong enough to work on more independence at night time. She learned to crawl on New Year’s day.  She took her first steps at the beginning of March (10 months 7 days).  She has just been learning non stop since then and life is back on track.

These days I spend all of my time in awe of her. Everyday I wonder how I can live with aching love in my heart.  It’s hard to contain.  I feel like I am on the verge of tears (of love and happiness) at any given moment.

Maeve is such a happy baby and I hear wonderful things from everyone that meets and knows her.  She dances every time she hears music.  She hugs and kisses all of the other kids she meets.  She doesn’t need time to warm up to them, she just instantly loves every friend she meets. I get the most compliments on her personality from the ladies that watch her at the Y while I work out.  They just love her and it makes my heart very happy. She waves at everyone.  No matter what gender, colour, ability. Everyone is a good and a friend that is she happy to meet and interact with.  It warms my heart to see the pureness of her heart at this young age.  This is a quality you don’t see in most people and I hope this is a trait she will keep as she grows up.  She loves to clap and blow kiss.

The rate at which she is learning is staggering!  I know all parents are in awe of their children and are proud of everything they do but this child is honestly so smart.  She is curious and up to trying everything.  She watches you and instantly it’s her turn to try to do it too.

In the last week she has learned where her belly button is, where her toes are, how to tell us she is “all done” (sign language hand motions).  Just today she blew my mind when she was breastfeeding and then did the hand action of “all done”, unlatched, got down and started playing. WHAAA??!

We gave her a kitchen set for her birthday and she knows to get the pot – with the lid – the frying pan and utensils and she “stirs the pots and pans” on the stove top. HOW?!?! how can she have a toy for 8 hours and know this?  Yes, she watches me cook pretty much every meal from the high chair but that learning curve is STEEP people.

She “talks” all day.  This kid wants to talk so badly.  We are on pins and needles waiting to see what her actual first word(s) will be.  Right now, however, she is mimicking tones like crazy.  It is babble for sure but the formation of sounds are so much like words or short two or three word sentences.  I don’t really know how to describe it properly. It sounds like words but it’s not words.  You definitely do a double a take like, “that sounded like… this or that… didn’t it”?!  If you’re thinking were crazy, overly proud parents that are grasping at straws, we’re not the only people of have heard it. LOL.

These days the adventures are non stop and we continue to just be so grateful for IVF and the magic it was able to bring to our lives.   I am so happy we didn’t give up hope (although there were many MANY times I wanted to).  I am happy we persevered.   We had a vision of a family and we powered through many terrible days and we are now living the best days of our lives.